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Ack. Officially 21 years of age now. :/ There's a scary thought. But I had lots of lovely messages from YOU PEOPLE (*divehugglomp* Thankyouuu!) and Facebook people, and Email people, and Text people, and In-Person people too.

So, day started off with Ninja Post-its on the wall outside my door. Plus a blue-tacked Jack 'n' Ianto picture from [ profile] shadowbyrd, of a scene from one of my fics. XD Win. Then we had pancakes for breakfast. And then we made butterfly cakes, which involved me mixing up some nice green buttercream icing stuffs, of a lovely consistency and pastel colour. Vanilla essence makes it taste heavenly, too. (: And I unwrapped my lovely fan-themed, Doctor-Who-wrapped presents from [ profile] shadowbyrd. (Man From UNCLE book, Flash Gordon DVD, Japanesey doll.) Left my other cards for after uni, 'cause we then had to go in for our induction session. (And give Laura some elf ears, modelled here by [ profile] shadowbyrd in her elfin outfit.)

And after I got hacked off with that, and finding out my prose tutor this year is the one who's a bit of an anti-fantasy man (among other things preying on me :/) we went round town and I bought, for example, Dexter season 2 on DVD. Which cheered me up a tad.

And then she said her feet were hurting (she *was* wearing her beautiful but agonising previously-unworn high-heeled things) so we headed back to the flat.

And she walked me straight into an EPIC Surprise Party of Awesomeness!

So, while I stood there like a prat, going, "Er... wasnotexpecting..." she wandered back off out, saying she'd be back in a minute.

At which point I managed to burst into tears. (Joy, I assure you. Well. You know. The old, "Has always wanted Surprise!Party and thought no-one ever would and was convincing self that it'd be three of us chatting for half an hour or so whenever Laura brought round my specially baked cake. THIS IS AWESOME AND I LOVE YOU ALL!" sort of tears.) Just about had that under control (with the help of group hug from everyone) and then [ profile] shadowbyrd walks back in, trailing a [ profile] ranamag, who'd driven an hour to come join and then snuck around hiding outside while we walked in.

There may have been leaping-over-chairs-ninja-attack-glompage.

Then followed many hours of copious shovelling of party food, Time Warping, Robot-dancing, Pass-the-Parcel with rather brilliant forfeits (catwalk poses, face-pulling, Wizards' Duel and warpaint with Attack Balloons included here), singing, further dancing, pin-the-tail-on-the-dragon, the chocolate game (don't tell me you've never played it!), Fluffy Bunnies (my title, I retain it!), yet more dancing, a Super Smash Brothers melee or six (Gamecube. I even won two, much to the astonishment of the boys. "Not bad for a girl!"), and the obligatory all-the-candles-out-in-one-breath moment.

(: I love my friends. Lovelovelove.

And I'm off to London with [ profile] shadowbyrd at some awfully early time of the morning tomorrow to see Wicked again. (:

Is good, ya?
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But the plumbers have come in. They arrived about ten minutes before I could make it to the kitchen to wash up, so I have no plates at the moment, since they've ripped out all the plumbing.

And by ripped out...

I rather mean:

ripped out! )

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I love my MSN conversations. The random is one reason why I keep logging on even when I should be sewing/eating/writing/doing chores...

[ profile] shadowbyrd and I discuss Torchwood cliches. Many of which will be appearing in my Jantolution, so I won't post the full conversation here. ;)

Then one of my Imaginative Writing co-studenty types and I are chatting after I just had dinner. He asks how it was, I say, "hey, still alive, can't complain," and this happens:

*!- Samuel -!* - says:
You're still alive? Damn, I was hoping it was a message from beyond the grave
Laligin in disguise says:
Laligin in disguise says:
I want a postcard from beyond the grave. Though if it says, "Wish you were here" that'd be kinda scary
*!- Samuel -!* - says:
YES that would be very scary
*!- Samuel -!* - says:
well i think it depends on who sent it
Laligin in disguise says:
I'm so going to have to write that now.
Laligin in disguise says:
Darling! Weather fine here, very samey. Not much change at all, in fact. Ferryman v. polite. Screaming from further downriver tad disturbing but am getting used to it. Accomodation not provided, seem not to need sleep though, so all well. Other guests v busy with various torments. Blind man from Thebes v perceptive. Wish you were here!

I have decided I'm now going to use that as the basis of my poetry submission this semester. (:

The conversation led on to another plotbunny I could use for anything, too. Torchwood is likely, but I do have to submit a short story and this is rather tasty... (: Keep an eye out for ghosts...
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Right. So. Reality:

I'm quite happy at the moment. This is good. I would be almost entirely happy if [ profile] shadowbyrd was fighting fit and well, but that's a discussion for elsewhere. (You can do it!)

Very very slowly, I am making progress on my John Hart jacket. The black velvet I'm using for the collar and cuffs is lovely stuff, if hellish hard to sew (the stitches disappear...) and I have 53 perfect buttons (the shop was two short) and some rather good cushion cord for the braid. And I'm leaving on Wednesday. It's going to be touch and go whether this is finished in time... But I have some hope.

Jantolution fic is marvellous fun to write. (: Though I need to finish another one quickly to go up before midnight tomorrow and maintain the fic-a-week record.

I have found a Dungeons and Dragons game in Liverpool! The Live Action Roleplayer I met at the fabric shop (I think I mentioned him on here) has a group and invited me along, and they all want me to return as a level 6 half-elf Druid. XD It's a shame five of the six of them smoke. Heavily. Despite this, the game I got to see was fun, and I shall be blackening my lungs with a return visit at some point.

Meanwhile, my flatmates set my oven gloves on fire. Despite the fact the smoke alarm screams if you put bread in the toaster for three seconds, it failed to go off when the kitchen filled with smoke. Decidedly odd, that. But the flatmates in question apologised spontaneously and promised to buy me some new ones. Which has yet to happen, but I seem remarkably unperturbed.

The dead scorpion on top of the microwave leaves me similarly bemused but unbothered.


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The top news feature on my university's homepage, at the moment, is the "Edmund Cusick Avalon Prize" prizegiving date and details. Including the names of the winner, and all three runners up. We're all girls, and I'm grinning because the runners up are listed in alphabetical order which puts me first, so I'm looking pretty good there. ;)

I also don't know the other three at all. One of the other runners up is ringing vague, vague bells, but nothing concrete.

And... aheh. The third runner up is Deborah Morgan.


Presumably not from Miami. ;)

Ah, but I do have to read my poem to the audience. Which would be fine it was any kind of good. I'm not being falsely modest - I wrote it in a couple of hours and sent it in the same day, first draft, just to increase the entry numbers... This wasn't meant to happen!

But that's not until the 18th March, so I can enjoy the Hub first.


(And now there are masculine screams floating up from the floor or two below... It sounds like someone's being strangled. Although laughing at the same time. Odd.)


Feb. 24th, 2009 06:58 pm
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My friends on my course made me swear! They made me do it!


In other words, boy on our course asked me, deadpan, during the break, if I ever swore. I took a deep breath, said, "F*** no," (see, I can't write it!) and enjoyed the grins.

And then curled up and tried not to cry (although also laughing, but not crying with laughter, if you follow) and squealed, "It feels so wrong! I'm unclean! It hurts!"

Which amused some people quite a bit. But seriously. It's still... not good. I can still feel it on my tongue. Do not like.

I'm not sure if that's actually reassuring or not. Because I had thought I was losing that reaction to swearing, but it appears that's only when I'm quoting, or very angry, or punning.


In other news, I want to go and see Wicked and Avenue Q. Trains and buses from Liverpool to London are SO EXPENSIVE though, or take 6 hours. I was looking at a Wednesday or a Saturday to fit them both in (Wicked has matinees those days) but there's no way I can get back after Avenue Q's evening performance. I'll miss the last train out. So I'd have to stay over. And that makes the cost spike.

Particularly since I have to head back down Thursday the 12th of March to meet up with [ profile] cowgrrl for Oliver! before the Hub...

Now, hang on just a minute...

And all of a sudden we're only looking at the cost of an additional night's stay... (:

Also, I feel like I'm gradually clawing back my fanfic mojo. As it were. I have actually quite liked the last two fics I've posted. (Valentine's and a Flavour, for those of you who are trying to keep track of these things. ;) ) 9 Flavours to go, counting a double claim, and then I'll finally get to the three Stump The Writer fics I owe people, and then I can return triumphant to my fanfic100, and get cracking on the epic AU ABC table...



Although I just went to see what's up with [ profile] fanfic100 at the moment, since I'd heard from [ profile] shadowbyrd that the Big Damn Table had vanished. And after some scurrying around and an offhand decision to see if there was any activity on the [ profile] fanfic100_admin journal, which was created in November and thus is something I did not know about I discovered something.

Apparently the "activity check" has just closed and if you didn't reply you've lost your claim.


Okay, as of the first of February, it's a year since I posted a fic for my claim, but whatever happened to "you may take as long as you need"? I had a tag for them on the main journal and everything... ):

Well damn.


If I have lost my claim I shall be very sad. And try desperately to get it back.

Though I suppose I could pretend I knew nothing about it and proceed to finish up a fic and post it to the main journal and tag it up and point to it when I'm told later on that "that's not your claim any more, you were gone!" (Tell no one I said this! There must be no record of my nefarious plan if I am to claim total innocence!)

Shhh! Be vewy vewy quiet! I'm hunting plotbunnies...

Priority shift! Flavours, move over, we have a Fanfic100 coming in hot...

*flees to write fic*
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9 to go is not bad. And I count that as a fic this week even though it's technically Monday morning now... If I haven't gone to sleep yet it's still Sunday night, honest!


Back to Liverpool in... seven and a half hours. Pack and sleep and away we do go. Let us hope that all is well...
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So. I'm still in the same flat I have been since September, and since there was no joy on finding the keys for the alternative, I am staying put. Though now I know what's what, at least I can finally put up all my posters and pictures. For about three months. Ugh.

Still, I have a ridiculous amount of posters, now. (: Five full size Torchwood ones (ie, all the ones there are) one same size Why So Serious one (it was 70p or so in the death of Woolworths, I couldn't resist it for that...), the BBC's panoramic inside-the-Tardis/the monsters of series 3 Doctor Who one, another small Torchwood one... And then there's the Weeping Angel foam board, and the lovely framed (signed) Ianto picture, and the three-photo Torchwood frame, and then six 10 by 8 cardboard backed photos... And then the GIANT Mind Warp poster, too.

Wallspace is an issue. (:

In other news, I swear there's something in the water here. Two days apart, (Tuesday and Thursday) I was... let's say flirted with... by two different, random people. One girl, one boy.

Tell me true, people. Is it the hat?


Neh. I very much don't get it. Girl is on the creative writing course, but boy I met randomly in the queue at the fabric shop [ profile] shadowbyrd found, while I was buying scraps of brown leather to make me and Jackbear matching wristbands. Ahem. Boy is a Live Action Roleplayer, D&D geek, Firefly fan... and managed to ask me out for dinner and drinks very quickly. ^_^'

Anyway, I'm going home on Wednesday (whoot!) and staying there for Reading Week the week after. Taking my stack of renewed Mills and Boon with me. See my dedication to Harkness PI? See it? ^_^'

I've also made the potentially fatal mistake of signing up for [ profile] tardis_bigbang. Again. Hopefully I will not fail so spectacularly this time, though part of me doubts it. Because the writing time is cut in half, I'm already worried that my idea has been done and is mere pretention on my part, and the first draft of 15 thousand words is due in the day before all my poetry coursework...

Still, I shall give it a go.

(I should probably delete dead people from my email/phone contacts list, shouldn't I?)

So, done a ridiculous amount of washing today, so much so that I ran out of space for it all on my many-many runged dryer thing, and the heated towel rail too. Have borrowed [ profile] shadowbyrd's not-quite-so-many runged dryer thing, and even then it's a fairly close run thing. This amuses me.

I appear to have made it something of my mission to possess everything that even approximates official Torchwood merchandise. Hence my growing 10x8 collection, and the stack of signed stamp covers from waiting for me at home... This is an expensive mission, I must admit. But it is rather fun.

Also, my obsession with deserts is still going strong. Bought the Lawrence of Arabia soundtrack in Manchester yesterday. On vinyl. It has a beautiful sand-filled, sun-bleached cover. Sadly I can only play records at home. But the cover... (I should probably mention that I was in Manchester to visit [ profile] ranamag, with [ profile] shadowbyrd. Thus it was not entirely random. But I had a marvellous time. (: And probably laughed a bit too much at the OTT gore in Sweeney Todd... Sorry, guys, I didn't mean to freak you out...)

My tags, I notice, are still just skewed in favour of this being my personal journal as it has been for the past five years, rather than my fanfic depository, as it has been for just over two years. 127 "updates" versus 112 "fic". (109 "fic - torchwood", 60 "torchwood", 120 "randomness") And that's not including this post. I'm... slightly relieved about that, actually. I was here long before Torchwood, after all.

The only reason I noticed the tag numbers, though, is because I was looking to delete a few misspellings elsewhere.


My dream has come true. I am now a mod at [ profile] jantolution. That makes me smile more than any of my practical achievements today. Damn, but I love that comm more than is healthy.

And when I look back on this in another five years, I wonder how much will have changed?

(And with Media Player randomly selecting the Torchwood Theme for me, I shall post!)


Jan. 21st, 2009 06:24 pm
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Okay, okay. So there was a poetry contest at uni, for students and former students only. In memory of Edmund, who pretty much pioneered the creative writing course and took both summer schools I attended, and single-handedly convinced me to come to this university.

Since it was for him, I entered.

And I just got an email telling me I'm one of the three runners up. Which I really did not expect.

Unless there were only four entries.



(Ohnoes, I hope this doesn't mean I have to go somewhere and read it out...)


Weird. Maybe 2009 really is going to be a better year. Or maybe it's just today - I also went to meet potential new flatmatey people and they were quite happy for me to move in. Forensics and criminology people. Very cool. Plus, the third year criminologist's music preferences run to classical, and his older sister is doing a creative writing MA, so he knows a fair bit about that kind of thing. (: Potential is a wonderful thing.

(Also, another Flavour posted. Weekly reality/fic update still holding. I am impressed with myself!

Okay, make that two Flavours posted...

Aaand make that three Flavours posted... And I sorted at last. And I emailed my tutor like I was meant to... I feel so productive!)
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I posted fic - oh yes I did. It's in this journal, it's date-stamped today (well, yesterday now, since LJ ate my original post from 11.30pm) and everything. (: You're all perfectly able to see it, I promise you. (Eheh. Though whether you want to is another matter. No promises on quality or quantity. Which latter should give you some idea where it's hidden.)

So, obligatory weekly Reality Check to follow.

Well, kinda. Fanfic, the joys of: Harkness, PI is now nine thousand words and counting and heading with some certainty towards the end. (: Joy! Finally!

Uni, the trials of: Homework manageable and being managed, though I'm still having trouble with the fact I have to come up with a plausible, possible 2500 word short story idea by Tuesday. (It just won't work - they all want to be EPICS!) *grumble* I'll think of something.

Meanwhile, back at the flat - I am going to go and speak to the nice lady on reception about seeing a spare room in a different flat, tomorrow morning. Flatmates not actually here, today, but before they left for the weekend they did play knock and dash on my bedroom door. Again. Thus actually retriggering (yes, it is a word, honest. It's Lalise for kickstarting something that had fallen dormant) my desire to move out, since in the four days up to then I'd been trying SO DAMN HARD to be nice and friendly and accomodating to the two (plus boyfriend) who were here. Again. And I thought there was a slim possibility we could actually start again, and I would be able to save the money and hassle it's going to cost me to get out. But no. And that was even before the worst of the three (plus boyfriend) returned for ten minutes and howled that the flat f*&^ing stank. Nice.

I do so hope there's a Doctor Who fan in the other flat. Or at least that they're happy to see me even in the capacity of a cleaner more than anything else. Better than this. Wish me luck.

In the meantime. Dexter - ohyes. Derren Brown on 4od - ohyes. QI on iPlayer - ohyes. Hustle on iPlayer - ohyes. All so good.

Shame I don't go near the TV, though. Would be nice to see them properly.

In other news, Salp are awesome (saw them on Swarm on BBC - look 'em up on Wikipedia. They fascinate me. And they're so pretty when they spiral), and I am going through a rather epic Day of the Tentacle nostalgia trip. Including trying to buy the game on eBay, though it will probably not work on Vista.

Come to that, tell me how to *make* Windows 95/98 games work on Vista. Other than threatening with a mallet. (: It must be possible...

Anywho. Hello people. How are you? I hope you're all well and having fun as much as possible.

*waves at internet world*
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(Shh, don't tell anyone, but I'm trying to keep the "week" part of the two LJ ones (fic and reality) anyway... Which means one of each between every Monday and Sunday, as per my diary. Fingers crossed?)

So, dose of reality. Lali is back at uni. She was dragged back (kicking and screaming) by her mother and brother, who heartlessly unloaded the car, dumped her and her belongings into her room, and drove off laughing while she chased them desperately and begged them not to leave her here.

More or less.

Anyway, lectures start up again tomorrow, and without someone else to follow around and no opportunity to go, "Sooo, whatcha doin' now? Watching ____? Cool. I'll sit here, then," I'm rather at a loss. Hello LJ, friend of students and insomniacs everywhere...

And now, for your delectation, a meme. S'far as I remember I was tagged by [ profile] rosy_dawn. Correct me if I'm wrong.

A questionny meme, at that. )

And I fail epically at actually getting stuff done. Just to say.

(Also, when you start misreading adverts as: "Hurry, while socks last!" you know it's time to go sleep...)
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(I'm impossible. I'm trying to get my room here at uni sorted out so I can pack up and GO HOME tomorrow (*whines, begs, pleads*) come hell or high water (trains are fast, we'll escape both, it'll be fine). This means that I have hidden my internet cable from myself so I won't get distracted.

Oh, hello, wireless network. Ooh, shiny... I'll just check my emails. And [ profile] tw_finishedfics. I'll have to come to a decision about that tomorrow or Thursday. And I'd best just check my friendslist. And oh, that site, and there was a thing on Youtube, and that random article on Wikipedia looks fascinating, and ooh I didn't know there was an online database of speculative fiction writers, I wonder how out of date it is, and wasn't I going to check the rules for that competition? and oh yeah, I meant to join that LJ comm the other day, and hey hang on, I should have posted at that RP site by now, and oh, people I talk to have popped up on MSN, and...)

Home if you disconnect the wireless, Lali, come on now, you can do it. There's a good girl.

But post this first.
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Okay, memorial done, illness done, flat to go.

So tired. Would be nice if my tastebuds were working properly and I felt able to eat something, too.


Which Torchwood Character Are You?
Your Result: Ianto Jones

You most resemble the team's composed, sarcastic general support. Passionate but excellent at hiding it under a reserved exterior, you care deeply about people and have a hard time letting go. The downside of keeping such a tight leash on your external emotions is that sometimes you lose control and have to let it all out. Competent and hard-working, you like to be on top of things.

Gwen Cooper
Toshiko Sato
Captain Jack Harkness
Owen Harper
Which Torchwood Character Are You?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

And I don't like hot drinks and would rather have a sonic blaster...

Anyway. Work to do.

At last...

Dec. 5th, 2008 01:26 am
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I get to go home. Just for a little bit.

The train I want leaves in eleven and a half hours.

And although I'm going home for a memorial service for my Guide Leader on Monday, for which I've been asked to write something (and believe me, that has screwed up my whole week. I was meant to be doing coursework and then that popped up and I ground to a halt and couldn't concentrate on a thing. Too late to ask for an extension, too close to the deadline to relax and try and get my head sorted before I had to work again... Never mind) I can't wait to be back home again. Sure, it's going to be absolutely miserable at points and I'm probably going to spend a fair amount of time in tears, but I do not want to be here any more.

Eleven and a half hours. I should pack.
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Yes, the fact that I am doing my coursework earns a whole LJ post of its own. Kinda.

It just makes me wonder about the fact that I've finally found a method of motivation that about works. Complete this assignment, Lali, and you can eat breakfast! Complete the next one in the next couple of hours and you might even get lunch!

I can't quite decide if this is a worse reflection of my current working or eating habits, since the whole food-as-reward thing also comes tied up in a ribbon with a little package of "Oh yeah. Food. I should eat now, I'll go do that."


On another note, I has Torchwood fic again at last. [ profile] tw_calender, Day 2. Pinch-hitting. I'll repost it properly over here when the calendar's all done and dusted, but for now, join me (or at least point and laugh) as I dance a happy dance, for I have written fic, and it feels so good after so long in absentia...

Also, [ profile] shadowbyrd and I went to see Sing-a-long-a Abba last night. That was fun. They handed out goody-bags with props for the songs. Cards with "S" and "O" on, for example. A little silver flag to wave during Fernando. Plastic sunglasses for when those "beams are gonna blind me" in Super Trouper. Fake notes for Money Money Money. A party popper to celebrate Thank You For The Music. A tissue...

And they took pains to teach us all certain dance moves for the songs. (All together now, jump up with your arms outstretched on Waterloo! and make a W with the person next to you...)

(: Mad. And fun. Lots of people cackling and falling over. Loads of the good songs (but no Lay All Your Love On Me! *woe*) so lots of Lali-singing-and-dancing. ;)
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I like Anime Society at LJMU. It's fun.

And for the second time in a row, Shadowbyrd and I have just won the anime quiz.

I'm left wondering how (as we gleefully eat our pocky prizes). I mean, I know next to nothing about anime (my area of expertise is Pokemon...). I like what I like and haven't seen much of that - and I'm useless for the names and suchlike, because I've barely seen anything at all. Shadowbyrd and our co-conspirator admin person we pounced on both times both claim to know little.

Last time we decided it was because we had a random boy in our team who actually knew stuff. This time, it was just the three of us...

And we still only got four wrong! Maybe we're just psychic.

Or really good at guessing.

Mm. Pocky-type stuff. Tasty.

Flat stuff

Nov. 4th, 2008 12:57 am
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The people in one of the flats below us are playing Carl Orff's O Fortuna at unholy volume. On repeat.

And much as I love and adore that song, it is one in the morning... I'm wondering what's going on.

EDIT: One hour later. And that ain't Classical. THUDTHUDTHUDTHUD (is there anything more to the song than the bass beat?)
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Happy Halloween everybody!

Whistle stop hi there with a HAPPY post for once! Just got back in - it's 2am - from watching Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing in the 1958 Hammer Horror Dracula. In the Liverpool Philharmonic.

Man, that was well worth £4.50. Audience were, on the whole, pretty darn good. Game for a laugh if it got too silly (Oh, I say, Mr Harker, you've just spotted an attractive young lady in a voluminous white nightdress... wipe that look off your face!) and although they wandered in and out and in and out, nobody was too bad.

And we snuck into a box. (It *was* the Philharmonic, and the guys who'd booked the box didn't mind, so hey.) Best seats in the house.


Also, there was a costume competition, which a guy dressed as a Bloody Butcher won, though it should have been the Zombie Musketeer. The compere guy got the Cheerometer the wrong way round. Oh well.

So very cool and enjoyable and hilarious! Although someone near the front was complaining about it being boring, and a few people who walked past us afterwards were moaning about how predictable/irritatingly silly it was. Come on, people, it's HAMMER HORROR. And 50 years old. If you weren't there for the crack, you went to the wrong place.

Yeah. It was fantastic. ^_^

Dr Abraham Van Helsing will see you now... ;)
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It occurs to me I should probably get dressed and eat something.

Damn. Anime society has a thing on in fifteen minutes.

I suppose we could turn up late for it.