Jan. 19th, 2009

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I posted fic - oh yes I did. It's in this journal, it's date-stamped today (well, yesterday now, since LJ ate my original post from 11.30pm) and everything. (: You're all perfectly able to see it, I promise you. (Eheh. Though whether you want to is another matter. No promises on quality or quantity. Which latter should give you some idea where it's hidden.)

So, obligatory weekly Reality Check to follow.

Well, kinda. Fanfic, the joys of: Harkness, PI is now nine thousand words and counting and heading with some certainty towards the end. (: Joy! Finally!

Uni, the trials of: Homework manageable and being managed, though I'm still having trouble with the fact I have to come up with a plausible, possible 2500 word short story idea by Tuesday. (It just won't work - they all want to be EPICS!) *grumble* I'll think of something.

Meanwhile, back at the flat - I am going to go and speak to the nice lady on reception about seeing a spare room in a different flat, tomorrow morning. Flatmates not actually here, today, but before they left for the weekend they did play knock and dash on my bedroom door. Again. Thus actually retriggering (yes, it is a word, honest. It's Lalise for kickstarting something that had fallen dormant) my desire to move out, since in the four days up to then I'd been trying SO DAMN HARD to be nice and friendly and accomodating to the two (plus boyfriend) who were here. Again. And I thought there was a slim possibility we could actually start again, and I would be able to save the money and hassle it's going to cost me to get out. But no. And that was even before the worst of the three (plus boyfriend) returned for ten minutes and howled that the flat f*&^ing stank. Nice.

I do so hope there's a Doctor Who fan in the other flat. Or at least that they're happy to see me even in the capacity of a cleaner more than anything else. Better than this. Wish me luck.

In the meantime. Dexter - ohyes. Derren Brown on 4od - ohyes. QI on iPlayer - ohyes. Hustle on iPlayer - ohyes. All so good.

Shame I don't go near the TV, though. Would be nice to see them properly.

In other news, Salp are awesome (saw them on Swarm on BBC - look 'em up on Wikipedia. They fascinate me. And they're so pretty when they spiral), and I am going through a rather epic Day of the Tentacle nostalgia trip. Including trying to buy the game on eBay, though it will probably not work on Vista.

Come to that, tell me how to *make* Windows 95/98 games work on Vista. Other than threatening with a mallet. (: It must be possible...

Anywho. Hello people. How are you? I hope you're all well and having fun as much as possible.

*waves at internet world*
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Meme nicked from [livejournal.com profile] absinthefairy88, though I was too lazy to repost at the time (only a few days ago...) Supposedly, if you've seen 85 or more of the films on this list, you have no life.

I've seen 86. Oops.

For the list, and to find out what I've been watching, clickity click right here... )


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