Mar. 8th, 2009


Mar. 8th, 2009 06:21 pm
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I just got... a very odd message.

Subject: userpic?
Sender: [ profile] jcad6169

Message: I cannot see your user pic in the latest entry you posted. Is it BORIS? I love his work.


*is cyberised*

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I love my MSN conversations. The random is one reason why I keep logging on even when I should be sewing/eating/writing/doing chores...

[ profile] shadowbyrd and I discuss Torchwood cliches. Many of which will be appearing in my Jantolution, so I won't post the full conversation here. ;)

Then one of my Imaginative Writing co-studenty types and I are chatting after I just had dinner. He asks how it was, I say, "hey, still alive, can't complain," and this happens:

*!- Samuel -!* - says:
You're still alive? Damn, I was hoping it was a message from beyond the grave
Laligin in disguise says:
Laligin in disguise says:
I want a postcard from beyond the grave. Though if it says, "Wish you were here" that'd be kinda scary
*!- Samuel -!* - says:
YES that would be very scary
*!- Samuel -!* - says:
well i think it depends on who sent it
Laligin in disguise says:
I'm so going to have to write that now.
Laligin in disguise says:
Darling! Weather fine here, very samey. Not much change at all, in fact. Ferryman v. polite. Screaming from further downriver tad disturbing but am getting used to it. Accomodation not provided, seem not to need sleep though, so all well. Other guests v busy with various torments. Blind man from Thebes v perceptive. Wish you were here!

I have decided I'm now going to use that as the basis of my poetry submission this semester. (:

The conversation led on to another plotbunny I could use for anything, too. Torchwood is likely, but I do have to submit a short story and this is rather tasty... (: Keep an eye out for ghosts...
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Seven Flavours to go.

One of them I'm halfway through but need to rewatch the start of "Everything Changes" for. (XD)

Another one I'm going to do my best to post on St. Patrick's day. (Guess who that's for... (: )

But next week (sometime before midnight on Friday, anyway) - STOP! It's Jantolution time!

(On a side note, I need to stop automatically hitting "Ctrl+S" every time I pause between words whilst writing this. Closing the confused little "save this webpage?" window is getting irritating.)

And I was about to say give me a shout if you're still reading me, but then I got two comments at once. I feel so popular. :P

*dashes to reply*

(EDIT: Ah! I've finally figured out what to do to make OpenOffice behave itself again! Muahahahaha! It shall save files properly from now on, without me having to manually convert them to a certain type by changing the file extension through a ridiculously convoluted route. Win!)


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