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Ack. Officially 21 years of age now. :/ There's a scary thought. But I had lots of lovely messages from YOU PEOPLE (*divehugglomp* Thankyouuu!) and Facebook people, and Email people, and Text people, and In-Person people too.

So, day started off with Ninja Post-its on the wall outside my door. Plus a blue-tacked Jack 'n' Ianto picture from [ profile] shadowbyrd, of a scene from one of my fics. XD Win. Then we had pancakes for breakfast. And then we made butterfly cakes, which involved me mixing up some nice green buttercream icing stuffs, of a lovely consistency and pastel colour. Vanilla essence makes it taste heavenly, too. (: And I unwrapped my lovely fan-themed, Doctor-Who-wrapped presents from [ profile] shadowbyrd. (Man From UNCLE book, Flash Gordon DVD, Japanesey doll.) Left my other cards for after uni, 'cause we then had to go in for our induction session. (And give Laura some elf ears, modelled here by [ profile] shadowbyrd in her elfin outfit.)

And after I got hacked off with that, and finding out my prose tutor this year is the one who's a bit of an anti-fantasy man (among other things preying on me :/) we went round town and I bought, for example, Dexter season 2 on DVD. Which cheered me up a tad.

And then she said her feet were hurting (she *was* wearing her beautiful but agonising previously-unworn high-heeled things) so we headed back to the flat.

And she walked me straight into an EPIC Surprise Party of Awesomeness!

So, while I stood there like a prat, going, "Er... wasnotexpecting..." she wandered back off out, saying she'd be back in a minute.

At which point I managed to burst into tears. (Joy, I assure you. Well. You know. The old, "Has always wanted Surprise!Party and thought no-one ever would and was convincing self that it'd be three of us chatting for half an hour or so whenever Laura brought round my specially baked cake. THIS IS AWESOME AND I LOVE YOU ALL!" sort of tears.) Just about had that under control (with the help of group hug from everyone) and then [ profile] shadowbyrd walks back in, trailing a [ profile] ranamag, who'd driven an hour to come join and then snuck around hiding outside while we walked in.

There may have been leaping-over-chairs-ninja-attack-glompage.

Then followed many hours of copious shovelling of party food, Time Warping, Robot-dancing, Pass-the-Parcel with rather brilliant forfeits (catwalk poses, face-pulling, Wizards' Duel and warpaint with Attack Balloons included here), singing, further dancing, pin-the-tail-on-the-dragon, the chocolate game (don't tell me you've never played it!), Fluffy Bunnies (my title, I retain it!), yet more dancing, a Super Smash Brothers melee or six (Gamecube. I even won two, much to the astonishment of the boys. "Not bad for a girl!"), and the obligatory all-the-candles-out-in-one-breath moment.

(: I love my friends. Lovelovelove.

And I'm off to London with [ profile] shadowbyrd at some awfully early time of the morning tomorrow to see Wicked again. (:

Is good, ya?
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Well, there goes another one. I think I saw everyone I expected to be here (except for one, but I just checked and thou wast not present, I see) and I got to quite a few cool things. (Thriller Dance World Record Attempt, anyone? (Vid is one of the practices!) Shoulder step, nothing step, shoulder step, shoulder step!)

Parade also very fun. Somehow I ended up carrying one of the banners for the Doctor Who group, but I still managed to show off my t-shirt plenty, and had lots and lots of yells of support and photos taken all day.

This was the costume. (: The shirt says "Save Eyecandy Jones". I thought it appropriate. Many people agreed. XD

Anywho. Camera's freaking out, so I've only got the first 200 or so pictures I took, rather than the full 300ish. The others will have to wait. I've uploaded some to my Photobucket for the moment. (:

So yeah, good time had by all, though occasionally a bit quiet and occasionally a bit and-now-where-should-I-go? Fun to play Werewolf again, though. And I may have slightly bought a ridiculous amount of t-shirts. :/ Oops.

Home on Wednesday/Thursday, then uni on Sunday. Joy!
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  • owes you beautiful people a lot of comment replies
  • has been to the doctor's and was not examined (at all) but apparently is fine, based on the patented One Look Diagnosis
  • has been mentally hiding in her shell for ... er ... well, anywhere from a week upwards really. When was I last on here?
  • is liking Jantolution at the moment, and hoping you do too
  • is gone to DragonCon for a week, not that there'll be a noticeable difference in activity. (But I am taking my laptop and know where there is free Wifi, so, perhaps...)
Anyway. If you're going to be at DragonCon, I will be making every effort to get to the Thriller world record attempt, and most of you know what I look like by now. See you then. ^_^' If not, I hope you have a good week, best of luck with everything, and see you soon.
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Right! Guys, seriously, thank you all for the concern, well wishes, suggestions and hugs. That helped a lot with the nerves. ^_^'

According to my eye test I'm in perfect health. (And have 24/12 vision - what's that? Is that better than 20/20 or what? Wikipedia cannot answer me!) So it's not a fault they can detect. And Mr Optician Man says the most likely cause of the blindness is a plain and simple migraine, though the causes of that could be just about anything and I should go see my Doctor.


Sorry, unintentional capitalisation there. XD

Anyway. I'm not panicking now, and it's nice to have it confirmed (particularly for my mum, who's been nagging fussing concerned about the possibility of my needing glasses) that my eyesight is fine.

So, next up is a trip to the doctor's. Could still be a vein thing, I guess, but photos of my eyes showed nothing at the back there, so it'd have to be further out. My dear [ profile] ranamag, who is a med student, I hasten to add, reassuringly says it's not likely to be a brain tumour (honestly, I didn't really think that, but I always consider the worst case...) either, since that'd be degenerative symptoms rather than off-'n'-on. (: Jolly good.

Yes. Right. Thank you for the concern. *hugs back* I'll keep you posted of any further developments.

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Mes cheris, how are you all? Myself, I'm a little nervous. See, I kind of went (temporarily) blind in one eye on Thursday morning.

And it's not the first time recently.

Okay, in more detail:

Since July 10th I've been doing a lot of gardening. Couple of weeks ago, after I'd spent the day digging up some particularly pesky bushes by the roots, I got a bit of a headache in the evening, and a small blind spot in my left eye... which spread to cover my whole left eye in about twenty minutes. We put it down to overexertion bringing on a migraine, and off I went to bed, even going so far as to take some paracetamol (cue gasps - I avoid medication at almost any cost). Was more or less fine the next day, avoided computer screen, TV and books. (Woe.)

And then on Thursday morning the blind spot came back, took out my left eye again, set up some pressure-pain in the right of my brain, and went away again after I'd gone back to bed for an hour. Aside from getting up early, I hadn't done anything out of the ordinary...

Right. So I have an eye test booked in town tomorrow (andIdonotwanttogo). Theories so far include simple migraine (based on: eye strain, some kind of dietary deficiency, or the fact that Mum keeps having the TV volume twice as loud as me and my brother need it), or a haemorrhage in the veins around the eye (or a clot, perhaps?), or some kind of fault in the eye itself.

Or, you know, a brain tumour.

Yeah, Lali has not been at all worried since those suggestions started rolling in. Anyone else have any thoughts?

The thing is, if it wasn't for Dara O'Briain's latest tour, in which he mentioned the top ten "symptoms you should not ignore" and was joking about the first being "sudden blindness" ("Seriously? Who ignores sudden blindness? Hey, guys, who turned out the lights? Ah, never mind, I'll be fine...") I probably would just have ignored the second one as a causeless migraine and not even bothered mentioning it to my Mum.


In other news, my Captain John Hart jacket has half of its braid on, looks not too bad.

And I will get to my many month-old comments soon, I promise.
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Right. So. Lali hasn't been sleeping well recently. Lots of nightmares, including a variation on the old "giant spider on the pillow" one, in the form of "spider dropping towards your face from the ceiling". That kept me up a bit, looking for the blasted thing. Kept me awake longer than the giant robot hell bent on smashing my house down around my ears so it could get to me and kill me. (Torchwood made a brief appearance early on in that and were utterly ineffectual. Even in my dreams they can't achieve basic competence.) But not as bad as last night's combination of house-falling-down-with-me-in-it and SADAKO IS TRYING TO KILL YOU! (Yup, the creepy dead girl from The Ring. She had a go at strangling me while I tried to strangle her and the house fell over.) Which is never fun.

And I think I know why I've been stressy and fitful and having such lovely anxiety dreams and other random waking-up-at-three-in-the-morning stuffs, but never mind.

Anyway, the point is, I got up this morning in a hurry and went to evict Mum from the bathroom as soon as she was finished, with the fateful words, "Could we swap places, please, 'cause I'm about to keel over otherwise."

Mum managed to open the door, at which point I keeled over.

I should point out that this is the second time in my life I've ever fainted. The first time was... standing in the self same bathroom doorway. Then, I woke up on the floor with my head an inch or so from the bathroom scales, and a nosebleed. This time, for a little variety, I went in a different direction. Ie, headfirst into the landing window, apparently bashing my ribs on the windowsill, and collapsing on the stacks of books underneath.

Nothing bleeding, nothing broken, but my nose does hurt.

Gave Mum a hell of a fright, too. :/ She insists it was heat-induced and proceeded to steal my duvet and fling my window open so wide I'll have whole hordes of actual!spiders descending upon me tonight, never mind the hallucinatory ones.

Anyway. Torchwood's back on the radio next week, and on TV the week after, so the Radio Times promises me. It depresses me beyond belief that there haven't been lots and lots of adverts for either. :(


May. 4th, 2009 01:22 pm
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I received an invite this morning - but from a rather unexpected source. (: So thank you [ profile] smallwaldo. 'Tis very kind. ^_^

So yes, Laligin over on Dreamwidth is me, and as soon as I've eaten lunch I'll come back, reply to comments here, and stalk you lot over there if you exist there. ;)

Plus, although I have no idea how the invite system works, I shall valiantly give it a try if anyone here wants/needs an account there. (:

(Edit: Mind you, Dreamwidth's... pinkness is vaguely offputting. For some reason I find the blues of LJ easier on the eyes and much clearer to deal with. And the identical grey navigation bar at the top just seems a bit cheeky. Hm. I get the feeling unless there is absolute and complete exodus, I'm very very much staying here. Keep adding me, though. (: )


Apr. 24th, 2009 05:46 pm
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Hello internets. Hello LJ. Hello people.

Yes, I'm still here. Missed my fic-a-week post last week. Sorry. Good thing the resolution was only for one a month. (And probably a good thing I missed it, recent quality considered. Further apologies.)

Anyway. Four Flavours to go, in any case. Jantolution at the moment is Fluff (and Midnight and Pikachu) so anything fluffy counts, and I shall find something appropriate for that. And I should really get Harkness PI up.

In other news, I have a random permanent post, because I'm feeling generous. It's stuck in the sidebar of my journal, beneath the Page Summary bit, and it's Friends-locked (cue gasps) but it's there to be used. Ask Me It's also tagged with "ask me" for practical purposes and "help me lali you are my only hope" because it amuses me. Go mad.

Also: Free Rice <-- This site donates rice to feed the hungry, based on how many questions you get right in its little quizzes. Default topic is English Vocabulary, with 60 levels. Without using dictionaries (online or otherwise), how many levels can you get to? I scraped up to 51. (: I'm sure many of you can beat me. (The English Grammar topic is also rather marvellously useful, and very very easy to get up to the highest level and stay there. Tell me you can do that too, dear all?)

*pokes internet* Yes. I feel the need to do nice things for people and since I fail with fanfic in that respect at the moment, this works better.

Now, where did those six "1 click a day to donate" buttons disappear to...?
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I have four of my Thirty (one) Flavours of Torchwood left to do, Jantolution fic to post tomorrow, a birthday party to go to tomorrow evening, a friend on the train on the way home (no wait, he's just got in and signed onto MSN) after spending the day here (The Boat That Rocked is sweet and funny), train tickets to York for Saturday through to Tuesday, rainbow badges on my coat, Doctorin' The Tardis on my Media Player, and the 17th of April circled in my diary. (:

Life, dear friends, is good.

Also, while I was back at home (which all went not quite as well as I'd hoped, but no worse than I'd expected, and improved in stages with much discussion. And chocolate cake and wine) I discovered... that most of the photos I thought I'd lost with my old laptop SURVIVE on the home PC! So I have uploaded lots to Photobucket (I didn't get a chance to grab the sand ships, [ profile] shadowbyrd, but next time I'm back...). Including Manchester's Collectormania last year, with Kai Owen, Anthony Lewis, Siobhan Hewlett, and [ profile] ranamag! :P

Joyful. Now I just need to sort all those pics into the right places and I can link. ^_^'

*waltzes* And Human by the Killers played randomly in the McDonald's we stopped in for lunch today. ^_^ Heee.
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I'm trying to do about four things at once here.

Emails, Hub/London report, packing for home tomorrow, MSN, and now another LJ update...


Still. It's been more than two weeks since the Hub finished, and I am still bouncing, as those of you who've spoken to me on MSN or in person will attest.


Doctor Who-ooh, hey! Doctor Who! Doctor Who-ooh, hey! The TARDIS!

Ahem. Yes. And all my lectures for this year are done, so it's down to me to work from this point on. Fortunately I have lots of things to enjoy in and around all that. (:

Right. Yes. Home tomorrow. Wish me luck, dear friendslist...

(Edit to add: By the way, I exist on Twitter. Laligin, naturally. Feel free to come find me, should you so wish. I don't use it much, though.

Edit also: Oops. I failed my One Reality Post A Week resolution. Though the fic continues, and I don't seem to care. ^_^')
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But the plumbers have come in. They arrived about ten minutes before I could make it to the kitchen to wash up, so I have no plates at the moment, since they've ripped out all the plumbing.

And by ripped out...

I rather mean:

ripped out! )

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This makes me angry!

Here's the gist:

Remember the atheist buses, that went round the UK with the slogan "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life"?

There are now Christian ones in response. I saw one in London, in fact. It read: "There definitely is a God. So join the Christian Party and enjoy your life."

And apparently there's going to be another couple of sets in London, one of which says: "There IS a God, BELIEVE. Don't worry and enjoy your life."

You want to know what makes me angry about this? The "atheist buses" had to put in a "probably" instead of saying "There is no God", because there was no verifiable proof of that claim and the Advertising Standards Authority wouldn't let them have that for that specific reason.



hang on...

The "Christian buses" aren't bound by the same rule? Or *can* they actually provide concrete proof of the existence of a God? I missed that revelation.

I'm all for debate. I'm all for people airing their views - I liked the atheist buses because they were able to admit there's no proof either way, and I wouldn't mind the Christian ones if they said something similar. "There probably is a God" even, or to be precisely and perfectly accurate, "We believe there is a God". I have no issue with that.

But making a definite statement like that with no proof is just... Out of line. And should not have been allowed, if the atheist buses weren't allowed to.

*stamps foot*

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<obligatory post of Hub2 Squee>

Okay, yes, I'm in with that crowd, the Hub2 was AWESOME. I had. THE. BEST. TIME. And I'd like to thank everyone on LJ who I ran into, spoke to in passing, hung out with, danced with, squeed with, queued with, took unexpected Intimate Encounter charity from (!thankyouthankyouthankyou!), borrowed Internet access from (thank [ profile] blackbird_song (thaaankeee!), everybody, or you wouldn't have a Jantolution fic...) and generally geeked out with. (: You guys rock.

So far I only have my Bears' Day Out/Musicals photos online, so I must upload the rest tomorrow and roundup my experiences (ahemhem) with appropriate photographic illustration. (Though I don't have many photos of the guests, for some reason. I was far enough back that I didn't see too much point in taking pictures, I guess.)

PLEASE shout at me and poke me for that. I fail at recounting the fun times...

</obligatory post of Hub2 Squee>
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So [ profile] cowgrrl and I had some time spare in London this afternoon.

And we were looking at musical posters as we travelled the tube.

And we both saw "La Cage Aux Folles" and went, "Ooh, I'd like to see that."



So we did.

^_^' Half price tickets, right in the middle, 12 rows back.

Graham Norton in drag.



We also wandered lots of places, made it to Forbidden Planet (*has a copy of Anything Goes, at last*) and saw the sights with Jack, Ianto and Diane!Bears. (: They enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

And then we made it to Oliver! And Burn was very good. (: And Rowan Atkinson was fantastic.


and we got his autograph at the stage door! He's so sweet!

But Burn seemed to have slipped out the back door, or made it through the crowd unmobbed and unnoticed.

(: So we'll introduce him to Diane!Bear on Sunday. ;)

Though Jack and Ianto Bears managed to have their picture taken with him anyway!


So. Much. WIN!
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Yo! I have managed to get the wireless internet in our hotel working. ^_^ Shiny.

So, I made it in one piece despite my train being cancelled (which actually made me arrive an hour early...), grabbed a ticket for Wicked and went to sit in a small park on Buckingham Palace Road to eat lunch. And sew on the collar of my John jacket... Only me...

Wicked, let me say it now, is FANTASTIC. Standing ovation. At a matinee. I bought two t-shirts and intend to grab the soundtrack from le internets at some point (ran out of money while I was there...). Brilliant show. If you can make it, go, and don't bother reading the book first! I didn't make it past 20 pages, so the rest of the plot was a nice surprise and extremely enjoyable for it. (Anyone else wants to go, I'll happily come with you!)

Ahem. I have pictures of how ridiculously close to the front I got for buying an hour before the show started, but I will upload them later. I should be reorganised my bags now so we can check out/leave luggage and go find out what's what for tomorrow to Northampton.

From Wicked I went to Leicester Square and accidentally found the premiere of Aliens vs. Monsters going on. Red carpet, people on stilts, big animatronic monster thing. Lots of screaming and camera flashing. I didn't see anyone I recognised (I saw a guy who looked vaguely like Bruce Willis, but I didn't think he was in the film... is he?) and didn't take any photos...

Found Avenue Q, picked up my ticket, went and had dinner (left a tip for my waitress because she was called Nali, and hey, it's only one letter off!), went back and considered buying a t-shirt but had not enough money. Plus, anyone who doesn't know the songs would assume that I was in a bad mood if I wore a t-shirt saying, "It sucks to be me!"

So. Avenue Q, also very very much fun. Hilarious. XD Worth the trip just for the musicals, so far!

Oh, and on my train on the way down, I saw Guy from Green Wing. (I think his real name is Stephen Mangan.) Heard him on the phone, too, so I don't think it was just a lookalike. (: Didn't speak to him, but hey, it's cool. ^_^

Right. Repacking.

And I realised on the way down I forgot the LJ Meetup sign and stickers... ^_^' I fail. Must find a stationery shop at some point today...


Mar. 10th, 2009 11:15 pm
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*has 9 o'clock train - this means getting up at 7*

It's currently 11.15pm. And I am packing to go to the Hub (the Final Countdown, it plays). But, I had to wash up lots and lots of dishes earlier, and clean the kitchen too, and although I'd factored in hairwash-time somehow things got a bit... delayed... and I am not ready.

This will surprise none of you, I'm sure. It doesn't really surprise me, either. *eyeroll*

But still. Argh. Packing all these things is making me nervous.

Do I have room for the bears?

What about the katana? It's only wooden, and if I wrap it up in plastic bags nobody on the trains will know what it is...

But with both these bags... oh, and I'll need my phone charger, if I'm being gone from Wednesday to Monday. It's almost a week!

And I'll need to have room in my small backpack for some food. Oh, and the laptop, for all those photos and any emergency fic-posting.

*eyes laptop* If I wasn't using you right now, you'd be in already and I'd have one less thing to worry about.

*pulls faces* The time has come, I must disconnect the internet.

(And I'm not really that badly organised. I have everything I need listed and mostly packed. It's just the deadliney things that I fail at. Say, [ profile] jantolution and a certain jacket...



Right. Sleep might be more important here.

Neh. There's WiFi at tomorrow's hotel. I'll be on after Avenue Q. ;)

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodnight...
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Seven Flavours to go.

One of them I'm halfway through but need to rewatch the start of "Everything Changes" for. (XD)

Another one I'm going to do my best to post on St. Patrick's day. (Guess who that's for... (: )

But next week (sometime before midnight on Friday, anyway) - STOP! It's Jantolution time!

(On a side note, I need to stop automatically hitting "Ctrl+S" every time I pause between words whilst writing this. Closing the confused little "save this webpage?" window is getting irritating.)

And I was about to say give me a shout if you're still reading me, but then I got two comments at once. I feel so popular. :P

*dashes to reply*

(EDIT: Ah! I've finally figured out what to do to make OpenOffice behave itself again! Muahahahaha! It shall save files properly from now on, without me having to manually convert them to a certain type by changing the file extension through a ridiculously convoluted route. Win!)
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Right. So. Reality:

I'm quite happy at the moment. This is good. I would be almost entirely happy if [ profile] shadowbyrd was fighting fit and well, but that's a discussion for elsewhere. (You can do it!)

Very very slowly, I am making progress on my John Hart jacket. The black velvet I'm using for the collar and cuffs is lovely stuff, if hellish hard to sew (the stitches disappear...) and I have 53 perfect buttons (the shop was two short) and some rather good cushion cord for the braid. And I'm leaving on Wednesday. It's going to be touch and go whether this is finished in time... But I have some hope.

Jantolution fic is marvellous fun to write. (: Though I need to finish another one quickly to go up before midnight tomorrow and maintain the fic-a-week record.

I have found a Dungeons and Dragons game in Liverpool! The Live Action Roleplayer I met at the fabric shop (I think I mentioned him on here) has a group and invited me along, and they all want me to return as a level 6 half-elf Druid. XD It's a shame five of the six of them smoke. Heavily. Despite this, the game I got to see was fun, and I shall be blackening my lungs with a return visit at some point.

Meanwhile, my flatmates set my oven gloves on fire. Despite the fact the smoke alarm screams if you put bread in the toaster for three seconds, it failed to go off when the kitchen filled with smoke. Decidedly odd, that. But the flatmates in question apologised spontaneously and promised to buy me some new ones. Which has yet to happen, but I seem remarkably unperturbed.

The dead scorpion on top of the microwave leaves me similarly bemused but unbothered.