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This makes me angry!

Here's the gist:

Remember the atheist buses, that went round the UK with the slogan "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life"?

There are now Christian ones in response. I saw one in London, in fact. It read: "There definitely is a God. So join the Christian Party and enjoy your life."

And apparently there's going to be another couple of sets in London, one of which says: "There IS a God, BELIEVE. Don't worry and enjoy your life."

You want to know what makes me angry about this? The "atheist buses" had to put in a "probably" instead of saying "There is no God", because there was no verifiable proof of that claim and the Advertising Standards Authority wouldn't let them have that for that specific reason.



hang on...

The "Christian buses" aren't bound by the same rule? Or *can* they actually provide concrete proof of the existence of a God? I missed that revelation.

I'm all for debate. I'm all for people airing their views - I liked the atheist buses because they were able to admit there's no proof either way, and I wouldn't mind the Christian ones if they said something similar. "There probably is a God" even, or to be precisely and perfectly accurate, "We believe there is a God". I have no issue with that.

But making a definite statement like that with no proof is just... Out of line. And should not have been allowed, if the atheist buses weren't allowed to.

*stamps foot*

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(I'm impossible. I'm trying to get my room here at uni sorted out so I can pack up and GO HOME tomorrow (*whines, begs, pleads*) come hell or high water (trains are fast, we'll escape both, it'll be fine). This means that I have hidden my internet cable from myself so I won't get distracted.

Oh, hello, wireless network. Ooh, shiny... I'll just check my emails. And [ profile] tw_finishedfics. I'll have to come to a decision about that tomorrow or Thursday. And I'd best just check my friendslist. And oh, that site, and there was a thing on Youtube, and that random article on Wikipedia looks fascinating, and ooh I didn't know there was an online database of speculative fiction writers, I wonder how out of date it is, and wasn't I going to check the rules for that competition? and oh yeah, I meant to join that LJ comm the other day, and hey hang on, I should have posted at that RP site by now, and oh, people I talk to have popped up on MSN, and...)

Home if you disconnect the wireless, Lali, come on now, you can do it. There's a good girl.

But post this first.
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Oh dear. I seem to have annoyed our flatmates - or one and a half of them, anyway. (One stormed off before I could outargue her, the other stayed and agreed I wasn't being unreasonable with my solution for the main problem...)

It's all about the air freshener, sweethearts. Flatmate 1, who is here least of any of us, goes home every weekend, is loudest of the lot particularly at godawful times of the morning, thinks our flat stinks. She insists she can't live in such a stench.

She says this today. I spent the whole weekend cleaning. The most I've ever seen her do is waste fairy liquid as she rinses individual plates and cutlery after her meals.

I suggest that if she doesn't like the smell of the place, she could try opening windows before she plugs in a manufactured, overpowering scent that makes me gag and retch whenever I walk into the kitchen.

She says she does open windows, but she'll take the air freshener over the reek of this place any day.

I ask when the last time she cleaned the kitchen was.

She flies into an immediate rage and insists she (and she alone, I noted) "cleaned the whole place" after I "complained about one dirty dish" - which is utterly untrue. The incident she refers to took place during the Breaking Of The Window. The kitchen at the time was in a state of emergency - my baking trays had unknown foodstuffs burnt onto them and were abandoned on top of teatowels on the floor (yes, those towels we use to dry our dishes with) while ketchup and mayonnaise had got just about everywhere it was conceivable to get, and various stained dishes, cups (some half full of congealing tea) and cooking implements were strewn across every surface and then some. Cold chicken pieces were still lying around, likewise random corn on the cob sections. While I was standing holding the kitchen window in against gale force winds to prevent it from breaking free, potentially ripping the window frame out of the wall, and utterly destroying whichever piece of furniture it chose to hit first (never mind water damage to anything from the rain) and she and her boyfriend were sitting on the sofa watching me struggle to hold said window in place, I got annoyed enough to politely mention that I hadn't been able to cook in there that night.

The next day, while I was at uni, she and Flatmate 2 (who stayed to hear the compromises) cleaned their dishes. That was all they did. It made a vast improvement, but it hardly amounts to "cleaning the whole place", I think. Unless she really did and decided to put that rotting mop and burnt dish back in place...

I (and Shadowbyrd) have taken the bins out every single time so far. She has broken the bin lid.

Just thought I'd mention that.

But since this was all about the air freshener, she essentially resorted to screaming at me to stop turning the bloody thing off. As she left, I was trying to point out that if she would turn it off when she left, I'd turn it on when I left.

She failed to listen to that part. Flatmate 2 agreed it was fair.

Though Flatmate 1 also insisted I should stop trying to dominate the flat. Yes. Because every time I've walked into the kitchen and she and many friends have been watching TV or just sprawling around chatting, I have of course thrown them out and demanded priority for that programme I wanted to see on BBC. That would explain why my iPlayer was telling me off for downloading so much so quickly.

And clearly, I am so desperate to get my own way about the air freshener that I won't just settle for flicking the switch whenever I enter the room (which is the f***ing simplest solution, really), I will go and hide it behind the fridge so nobody else can change the settings.

I kid you not. I was getting a headache from the perfume, and checked every plug in sight to find the damn thing. I'd noticed the fridge/freezer had randomly been hauled two inches away from the worktop, which meant the breadbin could no longer be tucked into a handy corner, which annoyed me, but it was Shadowbyrd who found the air freshener behind there. And since we were cooking, and I don't like my beefburgers to be disinfectant flavoured, I turned it off. How very dominating of me.

Flatmate 2 simply decided I'm rude because I don't say hello every time she walks into the kitchen and I'm there. Apparently a smile and a wave is not enough. And apologising for any time that I have unintentionally ignored her, or my distracted wave-without-looking-round has not been observed apparently didn't make all that much of a difference.

Note to self: must learn error of ways.

Additional note to self: next time I hoover the hallway, perhaps I should only focus on the areas outside mine and Shadowbyrd's rooms... I wouldn't want to dominate.

(Now I'm completely not in the mood for that Jack/Ianto/Tosh fic I was going to write. >:( )
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Dear flatmates.

Today, I fear, has not been a good day. You know I'm not well. And yet this morning, while I'm sat next to the heater in the kitchen, doing my work for the next half an hour before lectures and workshops, very much appreciating the warmth as I have been for the last hour and a bit, you decide that for the five minutes or so you're in the kitchen, you want the heater off and the window open. There goes all the heat I spent so long building up. Thanks.

And when I return from said lectures, having spent a couple of lovely hours round at a friend's flat and now very hungry and tired indeed, at 7pm, the kitchen is a mess. The sink is blocked by who-knows-what, while the hot tap is still running. There's food and sauce scattered all around the place. And a valiant effort has been made to wash up *some* of the dishes, but they're left stacked haphazardly in a drying rack thing, while the rest are abandoned on the table, the floor, the worktops, the coffee table... The butter is out of the fridge. There's sweetcorn bits in a strainer on the table. There's some kind of sauce dripped over the salt bottle.

I walk back out again. Never mind. I'm a student. I don't need food. It's fine, I have work to do anyway. I'm sure my body can fight off a little cold without any need to resort to nourishment, heavens above.

Fine. Okay. Great.

So when you come back into the flat, dear flatmates, at 2am, and you don't know that me and Shadowbyrd are still awake, could you please not be having your domestic at THE TOP OF YOUR VOICES in the hallway - except for when you're slamming doors and running between bedrooms and bawling at each other through said doors or over the phone or in each others' faces or whatever? And could you please not keep this up for the better part of an hour? Oh, and don't set the fire alarm off again, it's boring already.

Never mind. I'm a student. I don't need sleep. It's fine, I have work to do anyway. I'm sure my body can fight off a little cold without any need to resort to rest, heavens above.

But then at just past 3 when the front door and the kitchen door start banging wildly and Shadowbyrd and I dash through to the kitchen to find one of our windows has broken its lock and one of its hinges and is hanging wide, wide open while rain pours in over the TV (plugged in, turned on) and paint and plaster from the walls are scattered over the carpet and the howling gale whips around everything it can get hold off, it would be nice if you gave a damn. Really, it would. It's lovely that you appear to have calmed down from your huff enough that when you and your boys come through to the living room you can sit on the same seat without killing each other, but we're a little busy sorting out who's going to hold the window closed and who's going to go fetch the night guard. (I held, Shadowbyrd ran.)

Don't just sit there. Really. I can do without the draught and the rain and the cold and the oh my god my arms are burning any minute now my elbows are going to pop out of their sockets and my muscles are going to rip from the bones and the wind just got stronger.

Never mind. I'm a student. I don't need to keep up my strength. It's fine, I have work to do anyway, I can write in my head while I'm bracing this thing. I'm sure my body can fight off a little cold without any need to resort to warmth, and the dry, and taking it easy, heavens above.

And, you know, when the night guard guy has come and had a look and we've all tried unsuccessfully to close it, don't just swan off to bed and leave us here. I appreciate one of the boys stayed to hold the window for a while, but then the girlfriend went to go to sleep and he toddled off to use the loo and never came back, and oh look, Lali's left standing on the windowsill trying not to get blown off while she braces the window on her back because her arms really, really can't take any more and this thing will not lock no matter which way she twists the handle.

Still, flatmates dear, you missed the firemen turning up. They fixed it. Kind of. They got it closed, anyway, though it's not right and the night guard guy looked rather guilty when they pointed out they've had to come round and sort this kind of thing before, and shouldn't the building be maintaining its windows better? Apparently the fire brigade charge for rescues like this, too. But you, dear flatmates, would not have known that, because you were asleep in bed.

Oh, and by the way, if Shadowbyrd or I happen to make comments like, "Yeah, normally we'd be asleep at 2am on a Tuesday night, because we have a three hour lecture on Wednesday morning," that's really not an invitation for you to explain that Tuesday nights are the only nights you're loud, and really we should be glad of that. No. Tuesday night is not a good night. Be loud another night and we won't be bothered, really. No, I do not care that it'll drop to once every two weeks after next week. I still have to get up early, and I don't really give a damn if you think you're being generous by letting me sleep properly before my morning lecture once every fortnight. We are quiet past midnight, unless you've royally annoyed us, and silent past 1am. We do not mind anything up to that time of the morning. Beyond that and you're really pushing it. Is that too much to ask of you?

Also, aforementioned mess in the kitchen is not "fine". It's not a personal attack on you so please, claiming, "It was fine when I left it," doesn't help me out at all. It wasn't fine when I got here. So unless my bears have broken out of my room and developed a talent for cooking, you three had something to do with it. Again. We leave the kitchen neat and tidy, and whenever I wash up I wipe down the worktops and the table as well. You've claimed you can't stand there being a mess in the sink, and yet I really, really don't want to know what's blocking the plughole, and you don't see this as a problem?

Never mind. I'm a student. I don't need to be clean. It's fine, I have work to do anyway, I can ignore the mess for now. I'm sure my body can fight off a little cold without any need to resort to not picking up any extra germs, heavens above.

(: <-- Manic smile.

I'm not going to sleep tonight at all, am I?


Sep. 18th, 2008 07:28 pm
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Stupid new Windows Media Player. Would it have killed the makers to add in the old "add to library" right click feature? Sweet goddesses, how am I meant to put things in?

Stupid. Frakking. "New and Improved". Bloody. Useless. Unhelpful. Vista.

): I want my old laptop back.

ETA: No, really. Where the £%_* are my files, Media Player? Why can't you just show me "All music" in the library? Why don't you have that wonderful dropdown option in the "Now playing" bit where I used to be able to switch between any artist or album or ALL MUSIC or whatever? In what way are you an advanced model of the one I used to have? In every way possible, you are inferior, and oh so incredibly £$**ing annoying.

Repairing the other laptop is getting better and better value for money the more this one annoys me. I've never been reduced to tears of fury by Windows before. Well done, Microsoft. Well done indeed.

ETA: *insert copious amounts of swearing here* IhateitIhateitIhateitIhateitIahateit. And it won't even let me download an older version of media player and go back to that, because "there is a newer version currently installed on your computer" and oh my god, nobody could *possibly* prefer something that was made more than a year ago! Because it's New And Improved! Have What We Tell You To Have! Don't Choose For Yourself! You Know Nothing, Foolish Consumer! Obey! Upgrade!


*kills small fluffy animals*

Jack and Iantobear are no longer safe.
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I went to Manchester. It was great - had a lovely time while I was there, met up with a friend from my second summer school way back when, dragged him round some shoe shops trying to find human versions of Iantobear's shoes for Dragon*Con costuming, saw Wall-E at the cinema, had a lovely meal and got a surprise 2-for-1 on the main course from the cinema tickets, and made it back in time to miss the rain up here as well.

But the journey down was hell on earth. So much so that it's going under a cut.

You see, I always thought that having a character get physically ill (reeling away feeling dizzy/faint/sick etc.) just from what someone said was a bit melodramatic and over the top, and that didn't really happen.

But on my journey down... )
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... and I've realised something. While I was away at university, there was a gap here at home. A Lali-shaped gap.

And my mum and my brother have successfully filled the majority of it in without me.

You see, even before I left I was changing a bit. For years (and years) I never dared voice any of my opinions on anything because I didn't want to get into arguments (that got me into a lot of trouble at school, actually. I was constantly being told I had to have opinions - I did, I just wasn't vocal about them). I used to never really dare to go anywhere or do anything on my own. I very rarely made decisions for myself - if there was someone else around who had a strong idea what the group should do, then fine, let's do that... But Sixth Form and the summer afterwards (Dragon*Con!) kind of changed that a bit. I became a little more independent and so on.

And at uni that kept going. Much to [ profile] shadowbyrd's dismay, I'm sure, I took over a little bit in the flat and so on. We went places and did stuff and I cooked and cleaned and whatever, and whatever I did was my choice. Great. Fantastic. I can cope! I can pack a bag for an overnight trip or a few days or a week and I can find the trains and ask directions and all that jazz. Egad. I'm practically living my own life...

And now uni's over for the year and I'm back at home, and the only space available for me is the one that fit when I was sixteen or so.

Everything's falling back into the old, old routines. Mondays and Fridays mean archery again. Wednesdays mean Guides. I'll meet people in town, or go round the corner to [ profile] ranamag's house. Just like I used to.

And therein lies the problem. It's all very much as it used to be.

You see, back at the flat, at uni, Fridays meant Writer In A Drawer deadline.

Here, they don't.

So uh... Weekend just gone, I did the one thing I swore to high heaven and back that I would never, ever do. I defaulted. I dropped out of [ profile] writerinadrawer with not a bang but... well, silence, actually. I didn't remember about the deadline until... um... ten to eleven that night.

Great. Believe me, I feel very idiotic about that.

It doesn't help that I'm still not feeling entirely back to myself. I think I'd really prefer not to be sixteen again.

Particularly since my brother's doing his best to shove me back to that. I really must remember that next time he asks me what I think about something, he doesn't actually want to know. He wants me to agree with him, simply and plainly. Otherwise I'm opinionated, right? And if he asks me what a word means, or a detail about ancient history or weaponry or anything else that by pure chance I happen to know, if I actually tell him the answer then that's me showing off how much I think I'm an expert on everything.



On a side note, I took an interesting little online test the other day. Would you make a good 1930s husband or wife (according to your gender, naturally)?

Out of a hundred, I scored 39 for the wife test. Poor, apparently. Well, duh.

Then, for the heck of it, I took the husband test. 95. I'm practically the perfect 1930s man, it seems. With just one problem... ^_^'
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Come on, iPlayer. Come on. You put Reset up last week, behave now.

There are spoilers around already. :( Hurry, iPlayer.

Damn, I hate not having freeview.
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Please excuse me, I'm in tears.

My trusty USB drive, which has been through so very much with me, and suffered so beautifully at my hands, has at last turned round and stabbed me in the back. Painfully.

It's corrupted a lot of my files. In various different and interesting ways. It's had a good go at my pictures, deciding not to allow me to see some, while instead turning others into blocks of translucent green or purple dashed over the actual image. But I can live with that. Most of the important stuff escaped, I think, and I had a lot on my photobucket.

It's what it's done to the Word documents that really bothers me.

You see, it's deleted some at random. Wait, hold on, that's okay, that's fine, it deleted old stuff that I backed up on the laptop (and I always thought that backing up was meant to work the other way round. Back up the laptop on the USB and all that) and hadn't got round to altering yet.

It's eaten the first half of some others - new files, at that. My Come As You're Not (the Ianto/Gwen) for example. The alternative version of part of my university coursework, for example. Both, fortunately, are salvagable - Ianto/Gwen is in full on here, and the beginning of the coursework got printed out, while the bit in the middle that's been turned into gobbledegook (of the symbols and !£^)^djhv ^£$)gd@?a variety, with a few boxes and ovals thrown in for good measure) is actually still in the secondary version and can be transferred back. That's okay. I can live with that. No problem.

However, it has turned one of my fanfic100 fics into the letter "y" endlessly repeated, for the most part. Again, the second half survives, and has been snatched away to a new, safe harbour, and I've found a very old backed up beginning of it to restore and re-re-rebeta for the second time, if I can remember what I changed about it. *sigh*

And that's still not the worst of it.

I had works in progress.

LONG works in progress.

7 thousand word plus works in progress and nowhere near the end but it didn't matter because I had the entire plot typed out in italics at the start to refer back to at any given point.

Those two are no more.

They are, in their entirety, the letter "y". I keep repeating it to myself, actually, and wonder if my USB is being sadistically mocking by writing it out so many times.

They are new files.

They had not yet been backed up.

I realise now that this is foolish, and I should be saving in at least two places after every single "$&^%(- sentence. Of course. Why did I not see this simple and obvious fact before. Truly, I must have been blind to the ways of life and USBs.

I am a little angry. You are probably able to tell.

So, dear Torchwood friends. Enjoy "Come Walk The Hub With Me". It had a very narrow escape. And mourn those two fics you'll never read, because I can't remember precisely how they began or how the plot danced its way to where it was, and quite frankly the idea of starting them again from the beginning is currently sitting down elegantly at a very posh dinner table and calmly hacking my soul into bite-size chunks.

There are words that can adequately describe this situation. But my friends and family sometimes swing by here, and they have a certain idea of my genteel and calm nature. I wouldn't want to destroy their illusions.

Besides which, I've sworn off swearwords stronger than "dang" unless it's in fic. I may have to get Owen angry. Then quote him loudly and repeatedly. That would be about acceptable.

Goodnight, dear reader. I'm going to go and sob into my pillow now.

And today was going so well otherwise...


Jul. 9th, 2007 09:44 pm
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I can't figure this out.

LJ's gone all new and shiny, right? Okay. So. This is how it works for me.

I log onto the net, and the first thing I do is check my emails. I see there I've got two new comments on Face to Face. Joyful! But I don't look at them there, because I kinda like the surprise, and I'll remember to reply if I go find them on the actual page to read them.

So I log into LJ. And what's the first thing it shows me on the main page? My two new comments. Or at least, one new, and half of the other, because it's fairly long. Oh, and all the formatting gets deleted, so I see no italics or links if they exist.

By this point I've already read them and am in danger of wandering off to read fic rather than replying to the comments themselves. It's only with a certain amount of "No, Lali! Behave! *smacked wrist*" that I get round there to reply.

And then what do I see up in the blue bar at the top of the screen? I see: Messages (2). And that really, really annoys me. I don't like having anything backing up telling me I've got stuff I haven't checked. So I go to take a look, wondering what on earth can possibly be there that's of interest to me?

And what do you know, LJ is telling me I have two new comments on Face to Face. And it's showing me what they are. And I am very annoyed.

I go check my Message Settings, and yes, I have clicked the "Notify me for new comments" box. Notify by: email. Nothing else.

So how do I turn off the new Message Centre bit? I don't want it! Heck, I don't want the comments popping up on the front page either, but I can avert my eyes from that. But that little Messages (number) will annoy me to hell and back if I can't stop it.

Help me, darling friends-list, you are my only hope...

EDIT: I pleaded for help on LJ-support as well, and some nice person told me what to do. All sorted now.

(For future reference, you apparently unclick everything selected in the Message Center Settings bit, but make sure that the "notify by email" box in the Comment Settings bit is still clicked. No more pesky Message Center. Joyful!)
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I'm procrastinating dreadfully, have been so all weekend, and am all mopey and depressive and urgh because I have three exams in the next two days that ...


Well, I'm not particularly ready for.

And it's entirely my own fault, so no sympathy please. I'm having one of those lovely little Lali-is-an-utter-idiot moments.

The fact that I have a new Torchwood fic finished isn't consolation. I should have been working instead.

This is what you get on my friends-list. *eyeroll*

Will give you the fic sometime soonishly. I need to check it first and make the word count pretty.

Oh yeah.

And do exams.


May. 17th, 2007 11:13 am
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Lali drove to Guides last night. All by her lonesome. Not a problem. And all the way home, too, right up until the point that there was a big fat woodpigeon sitting in the driveway. Stupid bird decided not to move when I'm pulling the car in. So I stop. I sit. I wait ('cause I don't want to run the beggar over and get feathery bloodstains all over the bumper of Mum's nice freshly-cleaned car). It FINALLY flies out of my way, and I go to carry on in the driveway, and what do I do? I stall.

Okay, fine, never mind. Recover, pull in, park, stop, turn everything off, open the door -


What the hell?!

Gah. I closed the door again and it stopped. I sat there for a minute or so, maybe-slightly-just-a-bit panicking and wondering what I'd done. Wondered if I'd left something on when I turned the engine off. So I turned the engine on a step to check.


Ouchie. LOUD. But all fine! Engine back off, door open, give up, ALARM GOING OFF MASSIVELY, find house keys, storm inside, find Mum and wail, "What do I do?"

By the time we get back out there the car's settled down and playing nice again.

Stupid car.

Stupid bloody woodpigeon, though. Next time I'll just run the thing over.



Mar. 8th, 2007 07:04 pm
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Remember that Maths exam I took a little while ago? We got our results today.

I got my D! 57%! Which is about twice what I was expecting! So I only need 42% on Core 4 in June to get an A overall.

Phewee. Pressure off, no resit required.

Though the thing is, when I thought I was done for, I asked Mum if she'd pay for a resit. She snapped, "No," like I was stupid and stormed off. Now she tells me she was joking, and when I say, "Well, I don't need to resit anyway," she says, "I think you should. Resit. Just for insurance."

Insurance? For pity's sake, I need less than half marks on the next exam, and it's EASIER than the one I just did and got MORE than half marks on! I don't WANT to do an extra exam in June - as if I'm not taking enough (3 Latin, 2 English, 2 Classics, 1 Maths), I've been talked into 5 General Studies ones as well. FIVE! Ugh.

And today was going so well until she said that.

Shadowbyrd got back from LJMU, and things hadn't gone too terribly, apparently... (Correct me if I'm wrong, here. ;) ) And she brought me in some cherry blossom. Quite randomnly. But it smelled lovely and looked pretty and I kept it safe for the rest of the afternoon (though I think I freaked one of my Maths teachers out when I had it stuck on the end of a pencil and would sniff it whenever I was thinking... :D).

Saw Griffin and glomped her multiple times, as I threatened promised to yesterday on MSN. So that was good too.

And I got a Jantolution fic up, did some work on a couple more fics, got some nice comments, had my homework done for first lesson this morning and watched a video second lesson, kind of skived General Studies (I was busy, okay?) and was vaguely organised at morning/afternoon registration when our form tutor was off and someone else was trying to work out who was meant to be in and who not...

Kuh. On average it was a good day.
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No, really.

It's getting quite annoying, this. He's three school years older than me, you see. Somehow it wound up that when I was doing my year 6 SATs, he was doing his year 9 SATs - obviously more important, so he got more consideration around the house and so on.

When I'm doing my secondary school work, he's doing his GCSEs. Therefore that's more important, so he got more consideration around the house and had a greater need to use the internet, which of course meant that I had to come off if he wanted on.

When I'm doing my year 9 SATs, he's doing his AS levels. You can guess.

When I'm doing my GCSEs, he's either doing A levels, or in his first year of a degree - at the local art college, so he's still at home, using the internet here, and throwing me off the computer or out of rooms so that he can work, because his is more important.

When I'm doing my AS levels, he's in his second year of his degree. Ditto.

Now I'm starting my A levels, but he's in his last year of his degree. I'm not allowed to use the internet if he wants it, because obviously his work is more important. Even if he's only checking up on the latest Bond film news or talking to his friends on MSN.

I constantly have to give way to him. By the time he's left the house and I'm allowed to use the internet for MY work, I'LL BE AT UNI IN LIVERPOOL!!

Can you tell this is annoying me a little?
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Sorry, but this email is really irritating me:

Hey it is Andy and John the directors of MSN, sorry for the
interruption but msn is closing down. this is because too many
inconsiderate people are taking up all the name (eg making up
lots of different accounts forjust one person), we only have 578
names left. If you would like to close your account, DO NOT SEND
THIS MESSAGE ON. If you would like to keep your account, then
joke, we will be shutting down the servers. Send it on, thanks.
YOUR ATTENTION hey everyone, i dont normally send this sort of
stuff out but had a look on the internet and its actually true .
On the 1st of november , we will have to pay for the use of our
MSN and email accounts unless we send this message to at least 18
contacts on your contact list. It's no joke if you don't believe
me then go to the site ) and see for
yourself . Sorry, I know I'm superstitious and stuff, but I just
don't want this to be > true!

This is even the updated version with "proof" - ie the link - that what it says is true.


Would you like my reasoning? No? Tough. I've had this email enough times, and seen enough other people pass it on or receive it to know that it is still deceiving people, despite the ridiculous amount of flaws in its construction. Let's deal with the "proof" first.

The link cited goes to a BBC report that Microsoft is intending "to start charging surfers for the improved services of its MSN internet portal". The emphasis is mine, just to hammer the point home. That sentence means that users will be charged for SERVICES BEYOND THE NORMAL - all the special stuff, all the MSN Super-Extra-Gold-Premium-Plus stuff. Not the normal, humdrum, everyday services that everyone gets. Don't believe me? Here's another quote from that article:

"Microsoft stresses that the site's core facilities including Hotmail will remain free."

So the link cited as "proof" in fact proves that the email is a lie. Is that not enough for you?

How about this. Check the date of the article cited in the email. Sunday, 25 February, 2001, 11:00 GMT. Again, the emphasis is mine. This is old news that never happened. Want more?

Top right corner.
"See also:
08 Mar 06 | Business
Thousands fall for Hotmail prank"

The link there leads to this story:

See, even the Hotmail people are laughing at you, fraudster. Enough proof now, dear friends? No? Fine.

Let's take a look at the email itself.

"Hey it is Andy and John the directors of MSN"

Oh, please. Yes, certainly, an official email is really going to begin "Hey", the "directors of MSN" are really going to refer to themselves by their first names only (and there are really only two of them in charge!) and they're really going to have no grasp of proper punctuation.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I've torn this email to pieces before, and I intend to do it again. Even if all their information wasn't laughably incorrect, I'd still refuse to believe them simply on the basis of their grammar, spelling and punctuation. I am of the belief that if there was ever a need for an email such as this to be sent out, the "directors of MSN" would at least get their English right.

Let's see that again.

"Hey it is Andy and John the directors of MSN, sorry for the interruption but msn is closing down."

Punctuated properly, that should be: "Hey, it is Andy and John, the directors of MSN. Sorry for the interruption, but MSN is closing down."

So in the first one, there is a severe lack of commas, inconsistency in the capitalisation of "MSN" and a misuse of the word "interruption". Apart from everything I dealt with in the first half of their sentence. But really. "Sorry for the interruption". Interruption to what? You, my dear fraudster, perhaps meant "inconvenience", or even "unauthorised notification" at a stretch. But not interruption. And you didn't mean "sorry" either. How lovely, informal and friendly of you, but you really meant "We apologise for any inconvenience that may be caused, but due to unforseen circumstances MSN will be closing on the 1st of April 2007". And so on. Note the date I decided to use.

Note the lack of a date in the email.

Let's move on to the second sentence.

"this is because too many inconsiderate people are taking up all the name (eg making up lots of different accounts forjust one person), we only have 578 names left."

Oh, good gods, you expect me to believe that?

1. "This", please. Basic capitalisation at the beginning of a sentence.
2. "inconsiderate people". Of course any person operating in an official capacity would refer to some of their customers like this. It sounds petulant, childish, and above all like someone trying to use big words to make themselves look clever.
3. "all the name". I say that again, just for the comedy value. "all the name" indeed. All one, obviously, since that's a singular noun. You meant "names", my dear fraudster, and that's not even what email servers refer to the initial part of an email address as.
4. "forjust". Again with the lack of punctuation. SPACE.
5. "), we only have". Technically that should be a full stop and the "we only have" should be a new sentence, otherwise it's an awkward comma.
6. "we only have 578 names left." Get real. The entire point of Hotmail is that you can make up the beginning. There's an infinite amount of email addresses because there's an infinite combination of letters, numbers and symbols you can use in the first part. And that's exactly the same number that was used the first time I received this email, and I've since gone out and made four more hotmail accounts. Yes, gosh darn it, I am one of these "inconsiderate people" who are "taking up all the name". So sue me. MSN certainly won't.

"If you would like to close your account, DO NOT SEND THIS MESSAGE ON."

No, darling. If you want to close your account it's much easier simply to not sign in for about a year. Then it'll be completely gone. Trust me, I've lost an email like that before. Closing your account has nothing to do with what you do or don't send.

"If you would like to keep your account, then SEND THIS MESSAGE TO EVERYONE ON YOUR CONTACT LIST."

BAM! And there we are. The SECOND you read that you should know it's a chain letter. MSN/Hotmail would NEVER ask you to send anything to everyone on your contact list. NEVER!

"This is no joke, we will be shutting down the servers."

The Hotmail staff have never felt the need to clarify that something is not a joke. That this email takes the trouble to do so in fact lets us know that it is a joke - or at least, if not a joke (since jokes are meant to be clever and amusing), it's a lie.

"Send it on, thanks."

You've already told us to. Unnecessary repetition. Again, a lack of formality. And the entire email has a distinct lack of paragraphs, which smacks of amateurism.


*screams with laughter*

1. Unnecessary capitalisation (again - the capitals before were superfluous as well).
2. Message is not spelt "MESSEAGE". There's even a box to click underneath every new message or reply in Hotmail that actually says "Copy Message to Sent Folder". So anyone sending an email should be able to spell the word message. The "directors of MSN" surely aren't idiotic enough not to spellcheck before they send off such an important email?
3. "YOU WILL COST £10.00 A MONTH TO USE." Good lord, what for? Of course you, dear fraudster, didn't mean to imply that I myself would be *ahem* used for a tenner a month, you meant to imply that my account would cost me a tenner a month to use. But you can't mean that. Because you just said it would be closed. How very self-contradictory.


You've already told us that! You're only repeating the major point that marks you out as a chain letter, silly fool.


Since when has that sort of sentence required constant capitalisation? Unless it's Death speaking, of course. And it's just so unprofessional that I can't believe anyone has been fooled by this. I'm sorry if you were, but you should have known better.


Oh, darnit. You were doing so well with the unnecessary capitalisation that I thought you'd forgotten how to turn it off. Obviously not, so you must have meant all the other bits to be in capitals. How terribly amateurish.
And of course I shan't "REPLAY" this message. It's neither audio nor video, so I can't, really. And I won't read through it again unless to tear it to shreds like now. You meant "REPLY", dear fraudster, and you can't even spell that, so why should I believe you're in charge of MSN?


Oh dear. You've got rather mixed up about your full stops, haven't you?
And again with the rampant capitalisation. Calm down.

As for:
"hey everyone, i dont normally send this sort of stuff out but had a look on the internet and its actually true . On the 1st of november , we will have to pay for the use of our MSN and email accounts unless we send this message to at least 18 contacts on your contact list. It's no joke if you don't believe me then go to the site ) and see for yourself . Sorry, I know I'm superstitious and stuff, but I just don't want this to be true!"

The site itself proves that this email is a scam. Pay attention to the sources you cite, please.

Alright. That should about do it.

Oh, apart from the most obvious thing.


Simple as.

So, my dear, patient friends who've sat and read through this (or just scrolled to the bottom to see my final point) please, spread the word. Don't email people about it, since I don't want to be responsible for starting off a chain letter of my own - unless they email you with that scam, in which case reply with either a link to here or the entire copied text as proof - but link to this journal entry, simply tell people some of the reasons for the email being a scam, and generally STOP PEOPLE FROM BEING DECEIVED!

If you receive this email, then by all means forward it to me with as many addresses of people who've sent it on as possible, and I'll send them messages to put them right again. My email is Feel free to ask me to enlighten those who can't see a scam for themselves.

Thank you for your patience.

Ah, nuts.

Mar. 30th, 2006 10:32 pm
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How generally rubbish things are. There are a few words I could use to sum things up at the moment, but I'm not overly given to swearing and bad language, so I won't. I'm sure you get the gist of things from that, anyway.


I've insulted myself on here once before, and I got pretty quick responses crying, "No, no, you lie!" so I wonder now, how long it'll take before anyone dares to disagree this time.

I am.

Arrogant. Because they made me so. They told me I was good, and smart, and so on. And I believed them.

Lazy. Because they were right, and I never had to work hard to get anywhere. All easy, right?

Stupid. Because I know that. And I haven't done anything about it.

And before you start sending in your wails of denial, here is the evidence.

Some of you may know about my... problems with a certain English teacher this year. Well, he finally gave up the silent ongoing battle last week, and sent in a Cause for Concern sheet to my form tutor, complaining specifically about two essays he hadn't got from me.

To use a little American slang, bummer.

But what the hey, I can live with that.

But Classics coursework was due in today, and...

Ergh. And. Why does there have to be an and? Sometimes I really hate myself. Yeah. Anyway. Classics coursework. Now, I like my classics teacher. It's not like the English one, I don't like him, and that made it somehow less bad to be bad, you know? But my classics teacher is really nice. She gave me a lift home when I had a migraine, she's put on Latin lessons especially for me, she's been generally fantastic and wonderful and so on and so on unto infinity ad nauseam and back again.

And I didn't hand it in. Again.

She's asked for it twice already. Today was the ultimate, ultimate deadline. She rang home. She reluctantly said that if I didn't hand in an (and I quote) "exemplary piece" on Monday - she's not in school tomorrow, but will be on Monday even though it's in the Easter holidays - there would be no point in putting me in for the exam.


Threatened with being kicked off the course.


You see now?

Arrogant. Lazy. And Stupid.


Yeah, I screwed up pretty bad this time.
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Or at least, I'm assuming so. Because I just received an email (to two seperate email addresses, actually) from an account called

The problem being, that that email is MINE. And I haven't been on it in ages - I tried, a while back, and couldn't get in. I assumed that the account had been closed down because of its terrible inactivity. Grr.

Admittedly, the email could be a HUGELY delayed reaction. I guess. It was one of those "" things, that says only, "Please please please go here and we both get a free t-shirt" and so on.


The fact remains. My email account. Unused for longer than a year. And suddenly it's active and emailing its contact list - ie, me.

GRAGH! Now what do I do? Who do I go yell at?!



Two days to go.



Dec. 9th, 2004 01:01 pm
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Maybe the reason I keep feeling terribly guilty is because I should. I mean, I'm unreliable, hypocritical, spiteful, frequently bitchy and more than a little selfish. I'm not nice, and the only comfort is that not everybody thinks I am.

Tchah. Maybe everybody's got an evil demon lurking inside them - how should I know?

All I know is that mine's a lot more sociable than I am - and he's called Alastor.

*shifty eyes*

Ach. I give up on being self-damning and such. I can't type it.

I'll go Christmas shopping instead.


Dec. 7th, 2004 01:40 pm
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My good mood's popped.

Damn, I feel all guilty now.

I'm the most unreliable person ever, you know. Don't trust me, okay? *shifty eyes*

My site's kinda dead because I haven't had time to fix it up properly. The only truly active and joyful site I've ever found on the net's closing and I keep getting the feeling its somehow my fault... And someone else *pointed glares through the internet* keeps blaming me because his online community at Gaia collapsed...

What, you were relying on ~me~? Of all people?


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