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I need a hand. So far I've tried Proboards and Invisionfree, and neither is quite right, unfortunately.

Basically, I want to create a messageboard forum where I can backdate the posts, like you can with LJ posts.

It has to be free, idiot-proof, free, customisable, free, and like I say, allow backdating.

Also, I can't use an LJ community, because that would require me creating far, far too many new LJ accounts (it'll all make sense if I get this thing done, I promise), and I don't know that you can edit the date/time stamp on comments, and I need threads, not just posts.

Any ideas?
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Last week - the 10th of December - marked precisely one year since my first Torchwood fic found its way onto the internet.

Being swamped with university coursework at the time (last week, not last year...) I didn't get round to making a celebratory post. So here it is now. :)

I've gone and had a look around my journal, and my "fic - torchwood" tag apparently has 55 uses. Just give me a second while I work that out...

Discounting the multiple chapters of Jack's Capture and adding in the comment-posted-fics in Thirty Flavours (which is still going, by the way, and will be finished at some point...), by my reckoning that's 66 individual fics, with maybe only seven being drabbles. Not bad, really. Considering I have been a bit busy...

Oh, and as [ profile] shadowbyrd mentioned in her Anniversary post, we posted Fine Lines on the 10th December (my second fic that night...), right before Random Shoes aired (with seconds to spare) and offered virtual cookies to anyone who guessed who'd done which sections.

She's confessed, so I suppose I should too.

I was Jack. Clueless, hopeful, caring Jack. :) Bless him.

And as my anniversary party, I'm nicking a meme from [ profile] shadowbyrd (you should try it there too... Heehee!). Feel free to invite friends over and join in, I'm really looking forward to being inundated with comments on this one (subtle, huh?).

Stump the writer!

A -- go to the list of my fic (see my fic tags - the Torchwood fic is listed here, since the individuals might be a bit easy, but do feel free) and pick out a line or two from one of my stories. (Must be a full line, please -- no sentence fragments or speech tags or other such nonsense.)
B -- I will respond with which story of mine I think it's from.
C -- A drabble to anyone who stumps me.

:) Simple and fun. Bring it on!

EDIT: Yike. This may have been a bad idea - I keep losing! I now owe [ profile] dr_is_in, [ profile] joulez217 and [ profile] karaokegal gift fic! Mind you, it did take quite a few goes. ;)
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This is mostly because I'm intrigued and vaguely confused, so I'm asking you lot to help me out.

Explain to me, please, as politely as you can manage (I'm not here for a fight), exactly why you ship Jack/Gwen. Why do you think it works?

See, it doesn't work for me. I'll happily acquiesce to the suggestion of Jack/Ianto, Jack/Tosh, Ianto/Tosh, maybe even Owen/Ianto at a stretch, and every canon pairing that's even danced past is understandable... But Jack/Gwen I have real trouble with (I'm of the firm opinion that they have a very strong friendship and nothing more), and I want to understand why people ship them together.

So tell me. Try and convert me. I'm a multi-ship shipper (honest!) and stranger things have happened. (Can't think of any right now, but I'm sure they have...)

(Also, convince me Gwen is a good character.)
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In a desperate attempt to improve my Torchwood-writing, and because I have a fanfic100 claim on the entire Torchwood team, not just those members I like/understand/have a million plot ideas for, I'm asking you for help.

Explain to me, please, as politely as you can manage (I'm not here for a fight), exactly why Gwen is a good/useful/likeable character.

Because I don't quite get it. Up to... oh... about Small Worlds (episode 5) I quite liked her. Beyond that...

So, anyway. Gwen fans. I need you to tell me why she's a vital part of the team, and why I'd actually enjoy writing her if I got it right, so I can stop coming up with excuses for her absence in my fic. (Seriously. I don't really give her a starring role (or even a mildly vital role) at any point. I feel guilty.)


(Also, convince me Jack/Gwen can work.)
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Happily taken from [ profile] hellenebright:

I will send a gift (or two) of some kind to the first 3 people who leave a comment to this post requesting to join this PIF exchange. I don't know what that gift will be yet, but I promise you will receive it within 365 days. The only thing you have to do in return is "pay it forward" by making a similar agreement in your journal.

The "gift" you send doesn't have to be handmade or even concrete. It can be fic, icons, whatever.

Most of you guys 'n' gals (mostly gals, I think, come to that...) know I'm happy to write any sort of request fic in a fandom I know well enough. :) And I have made icons and banners (well, a banner) too, so I can stretch that far... But I'm pathetically useless at actually drawing things. ;) And my voice sounds awful when recorded, so I'd hesitate to sing for you either... :P Otherwise, feel fairly free. Ask and ye shall receive and all that. ^_^

(Er. Yeah. EDIT TO ADD: I do have my limits when it comes to sex... Violence, not a problem. Crack, not a problem. AU, not a problem. NC-17 fic? I panic and flee the country... Bear that in mind? ^_^' (Silly Lali...))
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... until the end of the current Jantolution challenge. I'm frantically working on a fic for the My Immortal prompt, and busy turning over a few drabble ideas as backup in case I don't type quick enough, and I've already covered Himalaya, Crack!fic, and Jack Returns with Tourism in Lockdown, but - and this is the key point - I have no idea what to do with the Harry Potter prompt.

None at all. This doesn't usually happen to me.


Anything you guys want to see (preferably a reasonably short idea...)? Otherwise I'll have to try and think of something very quickly, and it probably won't be any good.

But I have to have a fic ready for it! I've completed every Jantolution challenge so far, it's a matter of pride/obsessive-compulsiveness now... (Mara, you have me more than hooked. *shakefist* :P)

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Right, because I'm far too tempted, this is opening up much quicker than I'd planned. :D Thanks go to those who gave me prompts (and if you want to add some, do feel free - it's never too late).

Right. Here's how this works.

Here are Thirty Flavours of Torchwood.

You pick a prompt. Then, for that prompt, you pick any member of the Torchwood Team (past or present) or any such combination you please, add an extra condition or two if you want, and I write it for you in the comments.

The idea is that I write a drabble-size piece, but they may start at 100 words and head off into the sunset... And I will put the whole set in one post when they're done, for neatness' sake. :)

Crossovers are allowed, I suppose, but I'm not too well aware of many other fandoms (not even Buffy) so be cautious...

Eek. I hope this works. ^_^'

DONE 1. Bloodied
DONE 2. Claustrophobic
DONE 3. Cold
DONE 4. Confused
DONE 5. Cuddly
DONE 6. Dancing
DONE 7. Daydreaming
DONE 8. Divided
DONE 9. Domestic
DONE 10. Ecstatic
DONE 11. Efficient
DONE 12. High
Claimed 13. Hunted
DONE 14. In-denial
DONE 15. Lost
DONE 16. On-a-roll
DONE 17. Point-of-no-return
DONE 18. Proud
DONE 19. Reading
DONE 20. Researching
DONE 21. Secretive
DONE 22. Silent
DONE 1 Claimed 1 23. Silver-tongued
Claimed 24. Singing-in-the-rain
DONE 25. Sleepy
Claimed 26. Snarky
DONE 27. Sorrowful
DONE 28. Suspicious
DONE 29. Victorious
DONE 30. Warm

All prompts now claimed! Working on them. ^_^

Oh, and if you don't like the drabble (or... er... short fic) tell me and I'll do another. XD
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I need your help!

Actually, that pretty much covers my entire friendslist. So, entire-friendslist, I need your help. ;)

I intend to do one of those lovely 28-flavours-of-so-and-so drabble lists. Just 'cause.

But this list: (as yoinked from Miss Lucy Jane's Ianto list here)

1. Naughty
2. Happy
3. Sly
4. Angsty
5. Poorly-Sick-And-Dying
6. Horny
7. Pregnant
8. Excited
9. Book-Reading
10. Dancing
11. Jealous
12. Kidnapped
13. Caring
14. On-His-Knees
15. Obedient
16. Losing-His-Cherry
17. Naive
18. Shocked
19. Greedy
20. Daring
21. Exploring
22. Swimming-In-The-Buff
23. Bathtime
24. Eating-His-Lunch-And-Drinking-From-A-Soda-Bottle
25. Exhausted
26. Falling-Down-A-Lot
27. Well-shagged
28. Kickass

poses a few problems for me, prudish as I am. I did briefly consider slapping up the entire list of LJ moods and working with that, but I think that might be pushing it a bit (there are what, 100+ of them? Ehee) and I do rather like the scenario ideas as well as the moods. Hrm.

The lovely Zabbers (hi!) also has a list for Ianto here:

[In Pain]
[Hide And Seek]
[Best friend]

which is quite great fun but half of what I was intending (I'm masochistic like that) and it would be mean of me to steal it. It's here as inspiration for you to inspire me. :P

Tanarian's got some lovely lists too... Hrm.

Do you throw suggestions at me and I'll compile one for the weekend. So you have... oh, two days... three maybe. :) And then I'll let you know who the list is for.

It will of course be Torchwood, and I will be jumping out into the communities with cries for claims. ^_^ But I need my list first and I need help with that because I'm useless.

So there we go.


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