May. 30th, 2009 03:26 pm
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*repeated woeful headdesk*

I avoid spoilers for so long and so diligently, and then, when I go looking for those lovely new Jack/Ianto pics, you had to say *that* in the comments?


): Honestly, first time online in days and this happens?

Didn't even find the pictures, either.


I'm off out to the sunshine. I have comments to reply to and fic to post and much other online stuff to do, but I trust not the internet (unless I'm wearing gloves. Which I'm not. Bonus points to anyone who gets the mangled quote).

Oh, and I have Dreamwidth invitations but that furore seems to be quiet now, I guess... Absinthefairy, you wanted one for your friend before I disappeared to Cornwall (I'll explain later), is that still the case?

*vanishes into the sunshine*
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

Bill Bailey.

Quoting him an awful lot of the time probably doesn't help that.

But you'd think being female would make it less frequent...


Mar. 8th, 2009 06:21 pm
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I just got... a very odd message.

Subject: userpic?
Sender: [ profile] jcad6169

Message: I cannot see your user pic in the latest entry you posted. Is it BORIS? I love his work.


*is cyberised*

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Right. I have my [ profile] tw_calender fic underway, and I have the most tentative of tentative starts for [ profile] tardis_bigbang.

To that end, I have rejoined [ profile] ficfinishing to get things done! And since signups finish tomorrow (the 10th) and I'm currently the only Torchwood writer (though with two fics, meep) I am here to beg/plead/promote it... etc.

It's a good and useful place. Harkness PI would still be less than eight thousand words if not for them...

Right. Stuff to do. I have post-its with lists stuck to the wall behind the laptop, and they stare at me accusingly.

- Rejoin Ficfinishing

Ah, progress.

Put away clothes, dinner, homework, posters. Fic. Achievement!


Jan. 21st, 2009 10:09 pm
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I only meant to buy one copy of Day of the Tentacle from ebay. Now I have two in the post.


Seriously, why did no one outbid me on the second? Argh.

Oh well, at least one of them should be in playable condition.

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Yes, the fact that I am doing my coursework earns a whole LJ post of its own. Kinda.

It just makes me wonder about the fact that I've finally found a method of motivation that about works. Complete this assignment, Lali, and you can eat breakfast! Complete the next one in the next couple of hours and you might even get lunch!

I can't quite decide if this is a worse reflection of my current working or eating habits, since the whole food-as-reward thing also comes tied up in a ribbon with a little package of "Oh yeah. Food. I should eat now, I'll go do that."


On another note, I has Torchwood fic again at last. [ profile] tw_calender, Day 2. Pinch-hitting. I'll repost it properly over here when the calendar's all done and dusted, but for now, join me (or at least point and laugh) as I dance a happy dance, for I have written fic, and it feels so good after so long in absentia...

Also, [ profile] shadowbyrd and I went to see Sing-a-long-a Abba last night. That was fun. They handed out goody-bags with props for the songs. Cards with "S" and "O" on, for example. A little silver flag to wave during Fernando. Plastic sunglasses for when those "beams are gonna blind me" in Super Trouper. Fake notes for Money Money Money. A party popper to celebrate Thank You For The Music. A tissue...

And they took pains to teach us all certain dance moves for the songs. (All together now, jump up with your arms outstretched on Waterloo! and make a W with the person next to you...)

(: Mad. And fun. Lots of people cackling and falling over. Loads of the good songs (but no Lay All Your Love On Me! *woe*) so lots of Lali-singing-and-dancing. ;)

Flat stuff

Nov. 4th, 2008 12:57 am
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The people in one of the flats below us are playing Carl Orff's O Fortuna at unholy volume. On repeat.

And much as I love and adore that song, it is one in the morning... I'm wondering what's going on.

EDIT: One hour later. And that ain't Classical. THUDTHUDTHUDTHUD (is there anything more to the song than the bass beat?)
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Oh my goodness, Google Earth. So very pretty.

Look! The foothills of the Himalayas! Agh! Desert roads! I can see individual trees on those field boundaries!


ETA: Carter, I can see my house from here. (No, really! I've pinpointed the *room* I'm in right now! That's awesome!)
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It occurs to me I should probably get dressed and eat something.

Damn. Anime society has a thing on in fifteen minutes.

I suppose we could turn up late for it.
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When my new flatmates said they set the smoke alarm off every time they cook, I really, really thought they were kidding...


Sep. 18th, 2008 07:28 pm
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Stupid new Windows Media Player. Would it have killed the makers to add in the old "add to library" right click feature? Sweet goddesses, how am I meant to put things in?

Stupid. Frakking. "New and Improved". Bloody. Useless. Unhelpful. Vista.

): I want my old laptop back.

ETA: No, really. Where the £%_* are my files, Media Player? Why can't you just show me "All music" in the library? Why don't you have that wonderful dropdown option in the "Now playing" bit where I used to be able to switch between any artist or album or ALL MUSIC or whatever? In what way are you an advanced model of the one I used to have? In every way possible, you are inferior, and oh so incredibly £$**ing annoying.

Repairing the other laptop is getting better and better value for money the more this one annoys me. I've never been reduced to tears of fury by Windows before. Well done, Microsoft. Well done indeed.

ETA: *insert copious amounts of swearing here* IhateitIhateitIhateitIhateitIahateit. And it won't even let me download an older version of media player and go back to that, because "there is a newer version currently installed on your computer" and oh my god, nobody could *possibly* prefer something that was made more than a year ago! Because it's New And Improved! Have What We Tell You To Have! Don't Choose For Yourself! You Know Nothing, Foolish Consumer! Obey! Upgrade!


*kills small fluffy animals*

Jack and Iantobear are no longer safe.

The Hub

Sep. 13th, 2008 08:19 pm
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The Hub Convention in October. Gonna be good.

Guests including:
John Barrowman,
Naoko Mori,
Kai Owen,
Gareth David-Lloyd.

Ohyeah. (:
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You have betrayed me, iPlayer, and I shall hold this grudge against you for a long, long time.

And after I went to karaoke rather than watch 7 again, too.

I feel so cheated and deprived.


Must remember to avoid LJ until I've seen 8. Spoilers everywhere...
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Come on, iPlayer. Come on. You put Reset up last week, behave now.

There are spoilers around already. :( Hurry, iPlayer.

Damn, I hate not having freeview.


Dec. 25th, 2007 08:13 pm
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*bursts into tears of joy*

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you're reading the journal of one obsessed Torchwood fangirl... Didn't you know?

Ha! Yes!

Oct. 11th, 2007 05:03 pm
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I have my word count a little more sorted again. 15 fanfic100 fics, total word count 35655, average 2377. The average is at least a whole number again.

Must try and write in multiples of 16 for the next one...
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*hugs copy of Beowulf*

Poor baby, what have they done to you? :(
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I swear, today has been like the last three years never really happened. I was summoned to [ profile] ranamag's house when I finally got up, and spent a few hours generally larking about round there with Ranamag herself, her sister, and a few friends. Haven't done that in ages. (And yes, three years ago I used to practically live there. I think my very first LJ entry (from July 2004) was written while I was round there - and it was Ranamag who made me join up.)

And then I was checking all my emails when I got home. (I have... um, let me see... at least ten email accounts, not counting the family one. One of the two that's not Hotmail has been around since 2000/2001 I think.) And not only had I been contacted by someone from my very first major online site - Just Another Redwall. Lovely RP place, fantastic, lasted a couple of years after my arrival (I seem to have a kiss-of-death effect on lots of places like that, sadly) - but I also had a notification from Oh my stars,! I haven't been on there in years! But someone had decided they wanted to be notified if I ever updated a certain story on there - even though I started it in 2004, and only updated it once, then got distracted. (I was a very bad fic writer back then. If it wasn't a one-shot, there was no hope for it. I've got better.)

Heavens, 2004 has come back to haunt me today.

So I transferred everything to my main email (the one I check daily. The others are far more random...) and had a poke around, and through a mixture of guilt and pleasant nostalgia I'm wondering about maybe being a good little fic writer once more and finishing off a three-year-old fic or two. Poor little darlings, they were such good ideas, too... Comedy fic, mainly, though the Pokemon epic was a most serious piece. With plot and everything. ^_^' Eheh.

Aren't you glad I grew up? :)

(Oh yes, and I managed to spend about four hours out of today not thinking about Torchwood. This may well mean that if I really wanted to, I honestly could give it up any time I liked. *shifty eyes*)


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