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Ack. Officially 21 years of age now. :/ There's a scary thought. But I had lots of lovely messages from YOU PEOPLE (*divehugglomp* Thankyouuu!) and Facebook people, and Email people, and Text people, and In-Person people too.

So, day started off with Ninja Post-its on the wall outside my door. Plus a blue-tacked Jack 'n' Ianto picture from [ profile] shadowbyrd, of a scene from one of my fics. XD Win. Then we had pancakes for breakfast. And then we made butterfly cakes, which involved me mixing up some nice green buttercream icing stuffs, of a lovely consistency and pastel colour. Vanilla essence makes it taste heavenly, too. (: And I unwrapped my lovely fan-themed, Doctor-Who-wrapped presents from [ profile] shadowbyrd. (Man From UNCLE book, Flash Gordon DVD, Japanesey doll.) Left my other cards for after uni, 'cause we then had to go in for our induction session. (And give Laura some elf ears, modelled here by [ profile] shadowbyrd in her elfin outfit.)

And after I got hacked off with that, and finding out my prose tutor this year is the one who's a bit of an anti-fantasy man (among other things preying on me :/) we went round town and I bought, for example, Dexter season 2 on DVD. Which cheered me up a tad.

And then she said her feet were hurting (she *was* wearing her beautiful but agonising previously-unworn high-heeled things) so we headed back to the flat.

And she walked me straight into an EPIC Surprise Party of Awesomeness!

So, while I stood there like a prat, going, "Er... wasnotexpecting..." she wandered back off out, saying she'd be back in a minute.

At which point I managed to burst into tears. (Joy, I assure you. Well. You know. The old, "Has always wanted Surprise!Party and thought no-one ever would and was convincing self that it'd be three of us chatting for half an hour or so whenever Laura brought round my specially baked cake. THIS IS AWESOME AND I LOVE YOU ALL!" sort of tears.) Just about had that under control (with the help of group hug from everyone) and then [ profile] shadowbyrd walks back in, trailing a [ profile] ranamag, who'd driven an hour to come join and then snuck around hiding outside while we walked in.

There may have been leaping-over-chairs-ninja-attack-glompage.

Then followed many hours of copious shovelling of party food, Time Warping, Robot-dancing, Pass-the-Parcel with rather brilliant forfeits (catwalk poses, face-pulling, Wizards' Duel and warpaint with Attack Balloons included here), singing, further dancing, pin-the-tail-on-the-dragon, the chocolate game (don't tell me you've never played it!), Fluffy Bunnies (my title, I retain it!), yet more dancing, a Super Smash Brothers melee or six (Gamecube. I even won two, much to the astonishment of the boys. "Not bad for a girl!"), and the obligatory all-the-candles-out-in-one-breath moment.

(: I love my friends. Lovelovelove.

And I'm off to London with [ profile] shadowbyrd at some awfully early time of the morning tomorrow to see Wicked again. (:

Is good, ya?
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