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Mes cheris, how are you all? Myself, I'm a little nervous. See, I kind of went (temporarily) blind in one eye on Thursday morning.

And it's not the first time recently.

Okay, in more detail:

Since July 10th I've been doing a lot of gardening. Couple of weeks ago, after I'd spent the day digging up some particularly pesky bushes by the roots, I got a bit of a headache in the evening, and a small blind spot in my left eye... which spread to cover my whole left eye in about twenty minutes. We put it down to overexertion bringing on a migraine, and off I went to bed, even going so far as to take some paracetamol (cue gasps - I avoid medication at almost any cost). Was more or less fine the next day, avoided computer screen, TV and books. (Woe.)

And then on Thursday morning the blind spot came back, took out my left eye again, set up some pressure-pain in the right of my brain, and went away again after I'd gone back to bed for an hour. Aside from getting up early, I hadn't done anything out of the ordinary...

Right. So I have an eye test booked in town tomorrow (andIdonotwanttogo). Theories so far include simple migraine (based on: eye strain, some kind of dietary deficiency, or the fact that Mum keeps having the TV volume twice as loud as me and my brother need it), or a haemorrhage in the veins around the eye (or a clot, perhaps?), or some kind of fault in the eye itself.

Or, you know, a brain tumour.

Yeah, Lali has not been at all worried since those suggestions started rolling in. Anyone else have any thoughts?

The thing is, if it wasn't for Dara O'Briain's latest tour, in which he mentioned the top ten "symptoms you should not ignore" and was joking about the first being "sudden blindness" ("Seriously? Who ignores sudden blindness? Hey, guys, who turned out the lights? Ah, never mind, I'll be fine...") I probably would just have ignored the second one as a causeless migraine and not even bothered mentioning it to my Mum.


In other news, my Captain John Hart jacket has half of its braid on, looks not too bad.

And I will get to my many month-old comments soon, I promise.
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