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Quickfic in case I don't get the chance later on...

Fandom: Torchwood
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Jack/Ianto
Word Count: 330
Summary: Rift alerts are always inconvenient and for unexpected causes...

Prompt: Jantolution Challenge #19, Fluff, Midnight, Pikachu


Ianto stopped dead in his tracks and lowered his gun, casting a horrified look at Jack.

Shit,” Jack said. “Not again.”

“If you try to tell me that they inspired –”

“It’s a coincidence, I swear,” Jack promised him, and winced as he looked over the Plass. “There’s a lot of coincidences like this. Something to do with morphic resonance and latent psychic abilities. That and evolutionary interference. Did I ever get round to explaining about the recurring humanoid form in multiple galaxies and...”

With a glance at Ianto’s unimpressed expression, he trailed off sheepishly.

“Sorry. I did a report on that at school. It kinda stuck with me.”

“Tell me another time,” Ianto suggested. “Right now I think we have other things to do.”

“Right,” Jack agreed, and checked his watch. “Okay, so it’s eleven now and they appeared about two minutes ago. That means we have until midnight to round them up and lock them in a shock-proof cell.”

“What happens at midnight?”

Jack stepped from the invisible lift down into the swarm of foot-high fuzzy yellow mice. A few of them scurried away from him, then one snuck up behind him, jumping up to bite at his hanging braces. He swatted it away, nudging others aside with his bare feet. A few of them growled, sparks buzzing at their cheeks.

“I’ll keep them interested here,” he told Ianto. “Go back downstairs and fetch some fresh batteries and a couple of nets. We can lure them in.”

Ianto ran a hand through his dishevelled hair, and asked again, “What happens at midnight?”

Jack yanked his hand back as one mouse tried to bite him, then raised both eyebrows at Ianto and said simply, “They evolve.”

“Should have guessed,” Ianto sighed, and looked up as the lift started descending. “Jack? Next time a flock of Pikachu invades, remind me I’m staying in bed.”

“With pleasure,” Jack agreed.

And was promptly zapped by a dozen Pikachu in perfect unison.
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