Apr. 24th, 2009 05:46 pm
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Hello internets. Hello LJ. Hello people.

Yes, I'm still here. Missed my fic-a-week post last week. Sorry. Good thing the resolution was only for one a month. (And probably a good thing I missed it, recent quality considered. Further apologies.)

Anyway. Four Flavours to go, in any case. Jantolution at the moment is Fluff (and Midnight and Pikachu) so anything fluffy counts, and I shall find something appropriate for that. And I should really get Harkness PI up.

In other news, I have a random permanent post, because I'm feeling generous. It's stuck in the sidebar of my journal, beneath the Page Summary bit, and it's Friends-locked (cue gasps) but it's there to be used. Ask Me It's also tagged with "ask me" for practical purposes and "help me lali you are my only hope" because it amuses me. Go mad.

Also: Free Rice <-- This site donates rice to feed the hungry, based on how many questions you get right in its little quizzes. Default topic is English Vocabulary, with 60 levels. Without using dictionaries (online or otherwise), how many levels can you get to? I scraped up to 51. (: I'm sure many of you can beat me. (The English Grammar topic is also rather marvellously useful, and very very easy to get up to the highest level and stay there. Tell me you can do that too, dear all?)

*pokes internet* Yes. I feel the need to do nice things for people and since I fail with fanfic in that respect at the moment, this works better.

Now, where did those six "1 click a day to donate" buttons disappear to...?


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