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An itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot fic... ini? For Jantolution, anyway, because at 8pm I scrapped everything I had because it got far too interesting and wouldn't stop and wasn't altogether keen on a happy ending. (It involves some dangling upside down from industrial chains. Keep an eye out. I have fanfic100 to get to as soon as the Flavours are done...)

So. Three prompts, 300 words. Sorry about that. I think I'm stuck in Flavours mode.

Fandom: Torchwood
Rating: PG
Pairings: Jack/Ianto (implied)
Word Count: 300
Summary: It's amazing how these things catch on...

Prompt: Jantolution Challenge #18, Fairy Tale, Unexpected, Secrets Revealed


In the end, with a little persuasion from Jack, and with both of them sworn to secrecy, the Hfan explain that they’re on a quest. Seeking religious artefacts.

Jack enquires further, asks what kind of artefacts, with a quick hand signal to Ianto to keep looking for their Rift debris. If it’s dangerous they can’t let anyone wander off with it, however sacred it might be, and however many galaxies these guys have traipsed across to find it.

Ianto’s PDA beeps, and when Jack glances at him he shoots a look up at the ceiling. The artefact, whatever it may be, is on the roof. Of course.

Jack gives him a nod to head upstairs, and he slips away while the Hfan launch into their conversion speeches.

Up on the roof, the artefact is not as easy to find as he expected. The search would be much quicker with another pair of eyes, but Gwen’s dealing with the crowd gathering around the Hfan ship, and Jack’s now stalling a trio of religious maniacs. He’ll just have to cope.

Over twenty minutes later, he finds it. It’s a simple metal disc, much like a CD but with no discernible purpose. And then he turns it over and is startled to find English words imprinted on it.

When he heads back downstairs, Jack says quietly, “It’s harmless. Let them take it.”

The Hfan go away happy, and Jack smiles as they watch the ship blink out of existence.

“They worship a blonde goddess,” he says absently.

Ianto waits.

“Bad Wolf?” he prompts, when silence falls, and Jack laughs aloud.

“Long story.”

“We’ve got all night,” Ianto points out, and takes his hand.

Jack smiles at him. And nods. And, for once in his life, explains.
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