Mar. 12th, 2009

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Yo! I have managed to get the wireless internet in our hotel working. ^_^ Shiny.

So, I made it in one piece despite my train being cancelled (which actually made me arrive an hour early...), grabbed a ticket for Wicked and went to sit in a small park on Buckingham Palace Road to eat lunch. And sew on the collar of my John jacket... Only me...

Wicked, let me say it now, is FANTASTIC. Standing ovation. At a matinee. I bought two t-shirts and intend to grab the soundtrack from le internets at some point (ran out of money while I was there...). Brilliant show. If you can make it, go, and don't bother reading the book first! I didn't make it past 20 pages, so the rest of the plot was a nice surprise and extremely enjoyable for it. (Anyone else wants to go, I'll happily come with you!)

Ahem. I have pictures of how ridiculously close to the front I got for buying an hour before the show started, but I will upload them later. I should be reorganised my bags now so we can check out/leave luggage and go find out what's what for tomorrow to Northampton.

From Wicked I went to Leicester Square and accidentally found the premiere of Aliens vs. Monsters going on. Red carpet, people on stilts, big animatronic monster thing. Lots of screaming and camera flashing. I didn't see anyone I recognised (I saw a guy who looked vaguely like Bruce Willis, but I didn't think he was in the film... is he?) and didn't take any photos...

Found Avenue Q, picked up my ticket, went and had dinner (left a tip for my waitress because she was called Nali, and hey, it's only one letter off!), went back and considered buying a t-shirt but had not enough money. Plus, anyone who doesn't know the songs would assume that I was in a bad mood if I wore a t-shirt saying, "It sucks to be me!"

So. Avenue Q, also very very much fun. Hilarious. XD Worth the trip just for the musicals, so far!

Oh, and on my train on the way down, I saw Guy from Green Wing. (I think his real name is Stephen Mangan.) Heard him on the phone, too, so I don't think it was just a lookalike. (: Didn't speak to him, but hey, it's cool. ^_^

Right. Repacking.

And I realised on the way down I forgot the LJ Meetup sign and stickers... ^_^' I fail. Must find a stationery shop at some point today...


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